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Impact of funding sources on innovation: Evidence from Brazilian software companies 1-gen-2018 Yigitcanlar, Tan; Sabatini-Marques, Jamile; Kamruzzaman, Md.; Camargo, Francisco; Moreira da-Costa, Eduardo; Ioppolo, Giuseppe; Palandi, Fernanda Elisa Demore
Innovation in times of pandemic: The moderating effect of knowledge sharing on the relationship between COVID‐19‐induced job stress and employee innovation 1-gen-2022 Montani, Francesco; Staglianò, Raffaele
Managers' compassionate goals, innovation, and firm performance: an examination of mediating processes, and boundary conditions in small- and medium-sized enterprises 1-gen-2023 Montani, Francesco; Stagliano', Raffaele; Sommovigo, Valentina; Setti, Ilaria; Giorgi, Gabriele
Pursuing justice or protecting local firms? Shenzhen courts move beyond judicial local protectionism 1-gen-2020 Zhang, Yafeng; Crupi, Antonio; Di Minin, Alberto
Technology transfer and team boundary‐spanning activities and their antecedents: do the classic measures apply to China? 1-gen-2021 Crupi, Antonio
The top-down pattern of social innovation and social entrepreneurship. Bricolage and agility in response to COVID-19: cases from China 1-gen-2021 Crupi, Antonio; Liu, Sida; Liu, Wei
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 6 di 6
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