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Group analysis for a third order equation describing pulse transmission in a nerve fibre 1-gen-1985 Oliveri, Francesco
Hydraulic Parameters Measured in 1-Year-Old Twigs of some Mediterranean Species with Diffuse-Porous Wood: Changes in Hydraulic Conductivity and Their Possible Functional Significance 1-gen-1985 S., Salleo; LO GULLO, Maria Assunta; Oliveri, Francesco
Similarity analysis and exact solutions for a general discrete two-velocity model of Boltzmann equation 1-gen-1987 Currò C.; Oliveri F.
Instability conditions for symmetric quasi linear hyperbolic systems 1-gen-1987 A., Donato; Oliveri, Francesco
On the similarity solutions of the KdV equation with variable coefficients 1-gen-1987 F. OLIVERI
On nonlinear plane vibration of a moving threadline 1-gen-1988 A., Donato; Oliveri, Francesco
Group analysis approach in Magnetohydrodynamics: weak discontinuity propagation in a non-constant state 1-gen-1989 Manganaro, Natale; Oliveri, Francesco
Derivation of a non-linear model equation for wave propagation in bubbly liquids 1-gen-1989 Fusco, Domenico; Oliveri, Francesco
Wave features related to the equations of a moving threadline 1-gen-1989 C. CURRO'; F. OLIVERI
Waves and stability analysis for a hyperbolic model describing nerve pulse in neurons 1-gen-1990 Oliveri, Francesco; G., Vermiglio
Nonlinear wave propagation in a non-diffusive model of bubbly liquids 1-gen-1990 Oliveri, Francesco
Painlevé test and symmetries of the long wave - short wave resonance equations 1-gen-1991 Oliveri, Francesco
Derivation of the substitution principle in gas dynamics by means of Lie group techniques 1-gen-1991 Oliveri, Francesco
Painleve' analysis and similarity solutions of Burgers' equation with variable coefficients 1-gen-1991 Oliveri, Francesco
Nerve pulse transmission: recovery variable and rate-type effects 1-gen-1992 J., Engelbrecht; Fusco, Domenico; Oliveri, Francesco
On the equations of ideal gas-dynamics with a separable equation of state: Lie group analysis and substitution principles 1-gen-1992 Oliveri, Francesco
Nonlinear Hyperbolic Problems: Theoretical, Applied and Computational Aspects. Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Hyperbolic Problems, Taormina, Italy, April 3 to 8, 1992 1-gen-1993 Donato, Andrea Ant; Oliveri, Francesco
Galilean quasilinear systems of PDE's and the substitution principle 1-gen-1993 Oliveri, Francesco
The substitution principle in magneto-gasdynamics: Lie group analysis approach 1-gen-1993 Oliveri, Francesco
Quasilinear hyperbolic systems: reduction to autonomous form and wave propagation 1-gen-1993 Donato, Andrea Ant; Oliveri, Francesco
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