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Theta and alpha frequency rTMS modulates theta lagged phase synchronization in dorsal attention and default mode network 1-gen-2020 Kazemi, R.; Rostami, R.; Dehghan, S.; Lotfollahzadeh, S.; Nasiri, Z.; Rostami, M.; Ikeda, S.; Ishii, R.; Hadipour Lakmehsari, A.
The effect of a single session of high frequency rTMS on heart rate variability; an investigation of the role of RDLPFC in emotional appraisal and regulation 1-gen-2020 HADIPOUR LAKMEHSARI, Abed; Vrticka, Pascal; R, Kazemi; Z, Nasiri
Alpha frequency rTMS modulates theta lagged nonlinear connectivity in dorsal attention network 1-gen-2020 Reza, Kazemi; Reza, Rostami; Shouka, Dehghan; Zahra, Nasiri; Solmaz, Lotfollahzadeh; HADIPOUR LAKMEHSARI, Abed; Sanaz, Khomami; Ryouhei, Ishii; Shunichiro, Ikeda
Electrophysiological and behavioral effects of bilateral and unilateral rTMS on rumination and depression 1-gen-2021 Kazemi, Reza; Rostami, Reza; Nasiri, Zahra; Hadipour Lakmehsari, Abed.; Kiaee, Nasim; Coetzee, John P.; Phillips, Angela; Zhu, Kaitlly; Adamson, Maheen M.
A deep learning approach to evaluating sex differences in antidepressant response to neuromodulation using EEG in major depressive disorder 1-gen-2021 Adamson, Maheen; Hadipour, Abed; Turkin, Turker; Uyulan, Caglar; Kazemi, Reza; Phillips, Angela; Seenivasan, Srija; Eshghi, Elika; Tarhan, Nevzat
6 Hz transcranial alternating current stimulation of mPFC improves sustained attention and modulates alpha phase synchronization and power in dorsal attention network 1-gen-2021 Reza, Rostami; Reza, Kazemi; Farzaneh, Mozaffarinejad; Zahra, Nasiri; Maryam, Rostami; HADIPOUR LAKMEHSARI, Abed; Fatemeh, Sadeghihassanabadi
Remember NIBS? tACS improves memory performance in elders with subjective memory complaints 1-gen-2022 Sahereh, Varastegan; Reza, Kazemi; Reza, Rostami; Sanaz, Khomami; Ahmad, Zandbagleh; HADIPOUR LAKMEHSARI, Abed
Electrophysiological and behavioral effects of unilateral and bilateral rTMS; A randomized clinical trial on rumination and depression 1-gen-2022 Reza, Kazemi; Reza, Rostami; Zahra, Nasiri; HADIPOUR LAKMEHSARI, Abed; Nasim, Kiaee; John P., Coetzee; Angela, Philips; Randi, Brown; Srija, Seenivasan; Maheen M., Adamson
Cold Cognition as Predictor of Treatment Response to rTMS; A Retrospective Study on Patients With Unipolar and Bipolar Depression 1-gen-2022 Rostami, Reza; Kazemi, Reza; Nasiri, Zahra; Ataei, Somayeh; HADIPOUR LAKMEHSARI, Abed; Jaafari, Nematollah
What fear conditioning research reveals about the brain: from basic research to clinical implications 1-gen-2022 Tortora, Francesco; HADIPOUR LAKMEHSARI, Abed
ID:15886 Deep Learning Approach to Evaluate Sex Differences in Response to Neuromodulation in Major Depressive Disorder 1-gen-2022 Adamson, Maheen; Turkin, Turker; Hadipour, Abed; Uyulan, Caglar; Kazemi, Reza; Phillips, Angela; Seenivasan, Srija; Tarhan, Nezvat
Transdiagnostic role of glutamate and white matter damage in neuropsychiatric disorders: A Systematic Review 1-gen-2022 Luttenbacher, Ines; Phillips, Angela; Kazemi, Reza; HADIPOUR LAKMEHSARI, Abed; Sanghavi Julian Martinez, Isha; Adamson, Maheen M.
Sex differences in rTMS treatment response: A deep learning-based EEG investigation 1-gen-2022 Adamson, M; HADIPOUR LAKMEHSARI, Abed; Uyulan, C; Erguzel, T; Cerezci, O; Kazemi, R; Phillips, A; Seenivasan, S; Shah, S; Tarhan, N
Efekt zachłyśnięcia się, nauka wydajności w szkole: jaką rolę odgrywają procesy emocjonalne i motywacyjne? CHOKING EFFECT, LEARNING SCHOOL PERFORMANCE. WHAT ROLE DO EMOTIONAL AND MOTIVATIONAL PROCESSES PLAY? 1-gen-2023 Mento, Carmela; Silvestri, Maria Catena; Zanghì, Dominique; Bitto, Floriana; HADIPOUR LAKMEHSARI, Abed; Pira, Francesco
Psychological profiles of candidates of bariatric surgery: An investigation of its outcome predictors 19-dic-2023 HADIPOUR LAKMEHSARI, Abed
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