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Fault analysis and its relationship with karst structures affecting Lower Jurassic limestones in the Agourai plateau (Middle Atlas, Morocco) 1-gen-2018 El Ouardi, H.; Boualoul, M.; Ouhaddach, H.; Habibi, M.; MuzIrafuti, A.; Allaoui, A.; Amine, A.
The use of remote sensing for water protection in the karst environment of the tabular middle Atlas/the causse of El Hajeb/Morocco 1-gen-2019 Muzirafuti, Anselme; Boualoul, M.; Randazzo, G.; Lanza, S.; Allaoui, A.; El Ouardi, H.; Habibi, H.; Ouhaddach 1, H.
Shallow water bathymetry by satellite image: a case study on the coast of San Vito Lo Capo Peninsula, Northwestern Sicily, Italy 1-gen-2019 Muzirafuti, Anselme; Crupi, Antonio; Lanza, Stefania; Barreca, Giovanni; Randazzo, Giovanni
Fusion of Remote Sensing and Applied Geophysics for identification of Sinkholes in Tabular Middle Atlas of Morocco (the Causse of El Hajeb): Impact on the protection of water resource 1-gen-2020 Muzirafuti, Anselme; Boualoul, Mustapha; Barreca, Giovanni; Allaoui, Abdelhamid; Bouikbane, Hmad; Lanza, Stefania; Crupi, Antonio; Randazzo, Giovanni
Analysis of Very High Spatial Resolution Images for Automatic Shoreline Extraction and Satellite-Derived Bathymetry Mapping 1-gen-2020 Randazzo, Giovanni; Barreca, Giovanni; Cascio, Maria; Crupi, Antonio; Fontana, Marco; Gregorio, Francesco; Lanza, Stefania; Muzirafuti, Anselme
THE USE OF VERY HIGH RESOLUTION IMAGES FOR STUDYING POSIDONIA OCEANICA REEFS 1-gen-2020 Tomasello, A.; Cassetti, F. P.; Savona, A.; Pampalone, V.; Pirrotta, M.; Calvo, S.; Signa, G.; Andolina, C.; Mazzola, A.; Vizzini, S.; Muzirafuti, A.; Lanza, S.; Randazzo, G.
Degradation of coastlines under the pressure of urbanization and tourism: Evidence on the change of land systems from Europe, Asia and Africa 1-gen-2020 Petrisor, A. -I.; Hamma, W.; Duy Nguyen, H.; Randazzo, G.; Muzirafuti, A.; Stan, M.; Truong, V.; Astefanoaiei, R.; Bui, Q.; Vintila, D.; Hai, Q.; Lixandroiu, C.; Tenea, D.; Sirodoev, I.; Ianos, I.
The contribution of multispectral satellite image to shallowwater bathymetry mapping on the Coast of Misano Adriatico, Italy 1-gen-2020 Muzirafuti, A.; Barreca, G.; Crupi, A.; Faina, G.; Paltrinieri, D.; Lanza, S.; Randazzo, G.
Modeling and Spatiotemporal Mapping ofWater Quality through Remote Sensing Techniques: A Case Study of the Hassan Addakhil Dam 1-gen-2021 El Ouali, Anas; El Hafyani, Mohammed; Roubil, Allal; Lahrach, Abderrahim; Essahlaoui, Ali; Ezzahra Hamid, Fatima; Muzirafuti, Anselme; Paraforos, Dimitrios S.; Lanza, Stefania; Randazzo, Giovanni
UAV Photogrammetry-based Mapping of the Pocket Beaches of Isola Bella Bay,Taormina (Eastern Sicily) 1-gen-2021 Muzirafuti, Anselme; Cascio, Maria; Lanza, Stefania; Randazzo, Giovanni
Dynamics of hydrological and geomorphological processes inevaporite karst at the eastern Dead Sea – a multidisciplinary study 1-gen-2021 Muzirafuti, Anselme
Integration of sentinel 1 and sentinel 2 satellite images for crop mapping 1-gen-2021 Felegari, S.; Sharifi, A.; Moravej, K.; Amin, M.; Golchin, A.; Muzirafuti, A.; Tariq, A.; Zhao, N.
Mapping of Sicilian Pocket Beaches Land Use/Land Cover with Sentinel-2 Imagery: A Case Study of Messina Province 1-gen-2021 Randazzo, Giovanni; Cascio, Maria; Fontana, Marco; Gregorio, Francesco; Lanza, Stefania; Muzirafuti, Anselme
WebGIS Implementation for Dynamic Mapping and Visualization of Coastal Geospatial Data: A Case Study of BESS Project 1-gen-2021 G., Randazzo; Randazzo, Giovanni; Italiano, Franco; Micallef, Anton; Tomasello, Agostino; Paola Cassetti, Federica; Zammit, Anthony; D’Amico, Sebastiano; Saliba, Oliver; Cascio, Maria; Cavallaro, Franco; Crupi, Antonio; Fontana, Marco; Gregorio, Francesco; Lanza, Stefania; Colica, Emanuele; Muzirafuti, Anselme
Mapping of Hydrothermal Alteration Zones in the Kelâat M’Gouna Region Using Airborne Gamma-Ray Spectrometry and Remote Sensing Data: Mining Implications (Eastern Anti-Atlas, Morocco) 1-gen-2022 Mamouch, Younes; Attou, Ahmed; Miftah, Abdelhalim; Ouchchen, Mohammed; Dadi, Bouchra; Achkouch, Lahsen; Et-tayea, Yassine; Allaoui, Abdelhamid; Boualoul, Mustapha; Randazzo, Giovanni; Lanza, Stefania; Muzirafuti, Anselme
Adaptive Metaheuristic-Based Methods for Autonomous Robot Path Planning: Sustainable Agricultural Applications 1-gen-2022 Kiani, Farzad; Seyyedabbasi, Amir; Nematzadeh, Sajjad; Candan, Fuat; Çevik, Taner; Aysin Anka, Fateme; Randazzo, Giovanni; Lanza, Stefania; Muzirafuti, Anselme
IoT-Enabled Smart Agriculture: Architecture, Applications, and Challenges 1-gen-2022 Quy, V. K.; Hau, N. V.; Anh, D. V.; Quy, N. M.; Ban, N. T.; Lanza, S.; Randazzo, G.; Muzirafuti, A.
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