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Clinical significance of cathepsin D in primary ovarian cancer 1-gen-1994 Scambia, G; Panici, Pb; Ferrandina, G; Salerno, G; D'Agostino, G; Distefano, M; De Vincenzo, R; Ercoli, A; Mancuso, S
Bisdioxopiperazine, (+)-1,2-bis(3,5-dioxopiperazinyl-1-yl)propane (ICRF 187), enhances the antiproliferative effect of cisplatine on human ovarin cancer cells 1-gen-1995 Scambia, G; Della Bitta, R; Bendetti Panici, P; De Vincenzo, R; Contu, G; Ercoli, A; Bonanno, G; Pierelli, L; Mancuso, S
Effect of synthetic and naturally occurring chalcones on ovarian cancer cell growth: structure-activity relationships 1-gen-1995 De Vincenzo, R; Scambia, G; Benedetti Panici, P; Ranelletti, Fo; Bonanno, G; Ercoli, A; Delle Monache, F; Ferrari, F; Piantelli, M; Mancuso, S
Tamoxifen synergizes the antiproliferative effect of cisplatin in human ovarian cancer cells: enhancement of DNA platination as a possible mechanism 1-gen-1996 Ercoli, A; Scambia, G; De Vincenzo, R; Alimonti, A; Petrucci, F; Fattorossi, A; Isola, G; Benedetti Panici, P; Caroli, S; Mancuso, S
Chemosensitising effect of tamoxifen and ICI 182,780 on parental and adriamycin-resistant MCF-7 human breast cancwer cells 1-gen-1996 De Vincenzo, R; Scambia, G; Benedetti Panici, P; Bonanno, G; Ercoli, A; Fattorossi, A; Pernisco, S; Isola, G; Mancuso, S
Comparative study of on the induction of cytostasis and apoptosis by ICI 182,780 and tamoxifen in an estrogen receptor-negative ovarian cancer cell line 1-gen-1998 Ercoli, A; Scambia, G; Fattorossi, A; Raspaglio, G; Battaglia, A; Cicchillitti, L; Malorni, W; Rainaldi, G; Benedetti Panici, P; Mancuso, S
hMSH2 and GTBP expression in advanced stage epithelial ovarian cancer 1-gen-1999 Ercoli, A; Ferrandina, G; Raspaglio, G; Marone, M; Maggiano, N; Del Mastro, P; Bendetti Panici, P; Mancuso, S; Scambia, G
Activity of cisplatin and ICI 182,780 on estrogen receptor negative ovarian cancer cells: cell cycle and cell replication rate perturbation, chromatin texture alteration and apoptosis induction 1-gen-2000 Ercoli, A; Battaglia, A; Raspaglio, G; Fattorossi, A; Alimonti, A; Petrucci, F; Caroli, S; Mancuso, S; Scambia, G
New gynecologic surgery techniques and methods in oncology 1-gen-2001 Villet, R; Ercoli, A; Salet-Lizee, D Dargent D; Morice, P; Gadonneix, P; Leblanc, E
Microsatellite instability is an independent indicator of recurrence in sporadic stage I-II endometrial adenocarcinoma 1-gen-2001 Fiumicino, S; Ercoli, A; Ferrandina, G; Hess, P; Raspaglio, G; Genuardi, M; Rovella, V; Bellacosa, A; Cicchillitti, L; Mancuso, S; Bignami, M; Scambia, G
Second tension-free vaginal tape procedure and mesh retensioning: two possibilities of treatment of recurrent-persistent genuine stress urinary incontinence after a primary tension-free vaginal tape procedure 1-gen-2002 Villet, R; Ercoli, Alfredo; Atallah, D; Hoffmann, P; Salet Lizee, D.
Classical and nerve-sparing radical hysterectomy: an evaluation of the risk of injury to the autonomous pelvic nerves 1-gen-2003 Ercoli, Alfredo; Delams, V; Gadonneix P., Fanfani F; Villet, R; Paparella, P; Mancuso, S; Scambia, G.
Radiofrequency bipolar coagulation for radical hysterectomy: technique, feasibility and complications 1-gen-2003 Ercoli, Alfredo; Fagotti, A; Malzoni, M; Ferrandina, G; Susini, T; Malzoni, C; Scambia, G.
Laparoscopic sacrocolpopexy with two separate meshes along the anterior and posterior vaginal walls for multicompartimental pelvic organ prolapse 1-gen-2004 Gadonneix, P; Ercoli, Alfredo; Salet Lizet, D; Cotelle, O; Bolner, B; Van Den Akker, M; Villet, R.
Minilaparotomy for type II and III radical hysterectomy: Technique, feasibility, and complications 1-gen-2004 Fagotti, A.; Fanfani, F.; Ercoli, Alfredo; Patrizi, L.; Mancuso, S.; Scambia, Giovanni
A prospective randomized study of laparoscopy and minilaparotomy in the management of benign adnexal masses 1-gen-2004 Fanfani, F; Fagotti, A; Ercoli, Alfredo; Bifulco, G; Longo, R; Mancuso, S; Scambia, G.
Clinical and urodynamic effect of anterior colporraphy and approximation of pubococcygeus muscles in patients with severe cystocele 1-gen-2005 Paparella, P; Ercoli, Alfredo; Groutz, A; Falconi, G; Marturano, M; Paparella, R; Ortiz, Oc
Microsatellite instability is not related to response to cisplatin-based chemotherapy in cervical cancer 1-gen-2005 Ercoli, Alfredo; Ferrandina, G; Genuardi, M; Zannoni, Gf; Cicchillitti, L; Raspaglio, G; Carrara, S; Mancuso, S; Scambia, G.
The use of laparoscopic sacrocolpopexy in the management of pelvic organ prolapse 1-gen-2005 Gadonneix, P; Ercoli, Alfredo; Scambia, G; Villet, R.
A prospective study of laparoscopy versus minilaparotomy in the treatment of uterine myomas 1-gen-2005 Fanfani, F; Fagotti, A; Bifulco, G; Ercoli, Alfredo; Malzoni, M; Scambia, G.
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