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Effect of 2 MeV W+ ion irradiation on the surface morphology of Sc:In:C and Zr:In:C thin films 1-gen-2021 Cannavò, A.; Vacik, J.; Lavrentiev, V.; Ceccio, G.; Horak, P.; Vasi, S.; Bakardjieva, S.
Effects of 365 nm UV lamp irradiation of polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) 1-gen-2024 Torrisi, L.; Roszkowska, A. M.; Silipigni, L.; Cutroneo, M.; Torrisi, A.
Effects of magnetic field on laser-generated plasma 1-gen-2008 Torrisi, Lorenzo; D., Margarone; S., Gammino; L., Andò
Effects of the plasma expansion dynamics and of the laser fluence on CNx thin films deposited by laser ablation 1-gen-2010 Barreca F.; Barletta E.; Spadaro D.; Spadaro S.; Curro G.; Trusso S.; Neri F.
Electron emission from laser irradiating target normal sheath acceleration (TNSA) 1-gen-2016 Torrisi, L; Cutroneo, M.
Er,Cr,YSGG pulsed laser applied to medical dentistry 1-gen-2008 J. J., Beltrano; Torrisi, Lorenzo; E., Campagna; E., Rapisarda; I., Finocchiaro; G., Olivi
Evidence of plasmon resonances of nickel particles deposited by pulsed laser ablation 1-gen-2008 Picciotto, Antonino; G., Pucker; Torrisi, Lorenzo; P., Bellutti; Caridi, Francesco; A., Bagolini
Evidence of plasmon resonances of nickel particles deposited by pulsed laser ablation 1-gen-2008 Picciotto, A.; Pucker, G.; Torrisi, L.; Bellutti, P.; Caridi, F.; Bagolini, A.
Fractional ionization in plasmas produced by pulsed laser ablation 1-gen-2002 Torrisi, Lorenzo
Gafchromic HD-V2 investigations using MeV ion beams in vacuum 1-gen-2019 Torrisi, L.; Havranek, V.; Cutroneo, M.; Torrisi, A.
Gas pressure effects on the structure of CNx thin films deposited by laser ablation 1-gen-2005 Barreca, Francesco; E., Barletta; Fazio, Enza; Neri, Fortunato; S., Trusso; B., Fazio
Ge Laser–generated plasma for ion implantation 1-gen-2008 L., Giuffrida; Torrisi, Lorenzo; A., Czarnecka; J., Wolowsky; G., Quarta; L., Calcagnile; A. LORUSSO AND V., Nassisi
Gold nanoparticles for physics and bio-medicine applications 1-gen-2020 Torrisi, L.; Torrisi, A.
Gold nanoparticles produced by laser ablation in distilled water assisted by electric field 1-gen-2022 Cutroneo, M.; Havranek, V.; Vacik, J.; Torrisi, L.; Silipigni, L.; Malinsky, P.; Mackova, A.
Graphene oxide and manganese thiophosphate modifications induced by lasers, ion beams and intercalation process 1-gen-2022 Silipigni, L.; Torrisi, L.; Cutroneo, M.; Torrisi, A.; Fazio, E.; Barreca, F.; Manno, D.; Serra, A.; Salvato, G.
Graphene-based materials: properties, advancements and applications 1-gen-2022 Torrisi, L.; Silipigni, L.; Salvato, G.; Cutroneo, M.; Torrisi, A.
In-situ soft X-ray effects on graphene oxide films 1-gen-2018 Silipigni, L.; Cutroneo, M.; Salvato, G.; Torrisi, L.
Influence of curing time on some properties of GNPs/PDMS nanocomposites 1-gen-2024 Silipigni, L.; Cutroneo, M.; Fazio, B.; Salvato, G.; Torrisi, A.; Piperopoulos, E.; Torrisi, L.
An investigation on the patina of ancient bronze coins 1-gen-2014 Caridi, Francesco; Mezzasalma, Angela Maria; Castrizio, Eligio Daniele
Ion acceleration from aluminised mylar film irradiated by visible ns-pulsed laser 1-gen-2024 Torrisi, L.; Silipigni, L.; Cutroneo, M.; Torrisi, A.
Mostrati risultati da 30 a 49 di 153
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