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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
On a subset with nilpotent and invertible values in prime rings 1-gen-2003 DE FILIPPIS, Vincenzo
On a subset with nilpotent values in a prime ring with derivation 1-gen-2002 DE FILIPPIS, Vincenzo
On a theorem of the alternative and saddle-point conditions in nonsmooth optimization 1-gen-2009 Caristi, Giuseppe; M., Ferrara
On a thermodynamic theory for magnetic relaxation phenomena due to n microscopic phenomena described by n internal variables 1-gen-2010 Restuccia, Liliana
On a thermodynamical model for dielectric relaxation phenomena 1-gen-2010 Ciancio, Vincenzo; Farsaci, Francesco; Rogolino, Patrizia
On a Thermodynamical Model for Type-II High- Tc Superconductors. Theory and applications, 1-gen-2001 Restuccia, Liliana; B., Marsuszewski
On a weaker form of countable compactness 1-gen-2007 Bonanzinga, Maddalena; Cammaroto, Filippo; Matveev, Mv
On actions of infinitesimal group schemes 1-gen-2003 Restuccia, Gaetana; Schneider, H. J.
On actions of the additive group on the Weyl algebra 1-gen-2005 Restuccia, Gaetana; Schneider, H. J.
On age effect: results from a detailed prospective study on daily fecundability 1-gen-2005 Rizzi, Ester Lucia; Rosina, A; Colombo, B.
On algebraic properties of Veronese bi-type ideals arising from graphs 1-gen-2016 Imbesi, Maurizio; LA BARBIERA, Monica
On almost-symmetry in generalized numerical semigroups 1-gen-2021 Cisto, C; Tenorio, W
On an anisotropic attenuation law of the macroseismic intensity 1-gen-1995 Teramo, Antonio; Stillitani, E.; Bottari, Antonio
On an extension of Ekeland's variational principle for vector-valued functions 1-gen-1998 Cammaroto, Filippo; Chinni', Antonia; Sturiale, G.
On an inverse problem in group analysis of PDE's: Lie remarkable equations 1-gen-2006 Oliveri, Francesco; G., Manno; R., Vitolo
On analysis of staff turnover in a firm by Markov Chains 1-gen-1998 Caristi, Giuseppe
On beta-time fractional biological population model with abundant solitary wave structures. 1-gen-2022 Soopy Nisar, Kottakkaran; Ciancio, Armando; Ali, Khalid K.; Osman, M. S.; Cattani, Carlo; Baleanu, Dumitru; Zafar, Asim; Raheel, M.; Azeem., M.
On Betti numbers of a class of bipartite planar graphs 1-gen-2008 LA BARBIERA, Monica
On block sharing Steiner quadruple systems 1-gen-1986 LO FARO, Giovanni
On blocking sets in S_lambda(t,t+1,v) 1-gen-1991 Gionfriddo, M.; LO FARO, Giovanni
Mostrati risultati da 76.355 a 76.374 di 119.459
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