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EU - Europa 162
NA - Nord America 23
AS - Asia 12
SA - Sud America 2
Totale 199
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IT - Italia 116
IE - Irlanda 27
US - Stati Uniti d'America 23
PL - Polonia 11
VN - Vietnam 11
FR - Francia 4
AR - Argentina 2
NL - Olanda 2
CZ - Repubblica Ceca 1
IL - Israele 1
RU - Federazione Russa 1
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Messina 43
Dublin 27
Citta 25
Dong Ket 11
Warsaw 10
Catania 9
Belpasso 7
Acireale 4
Council Bluffs 4
Floridia 3
Boardman 2
Brooklyn 2
Fleming Island 2
Houston 2
Piraino 2
Son 2
Strasbourg 2
Zavalla 2
Ashburn 1
Bologna 1
Bolzano 1
Boulder 1
Jerusalem 1
Lake Forest 1
Marseille 1
Milan 1
Totale 167
Nome #
Six-month field efficacy and safety of the combined treatment of dogs with Frontline Tri-Act® and NexGard Spectra®, file de3e52b1-a39c-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 25
Do Different LED Colours Influence Sand Fly Collection by Light Trap in the Mediterranean?, file de3e52b1-86f1-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 24
Prevention of feline leishmaniosis with an imidacloprid 10%/flumethrin 4.5% polymer matrix collar, file de3e52b1-2676-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 23
Field Evaluation of Two Different Treatment Approaches and Their Ability to Control Fleas and Prevent Canine Leishmaniosis in a Highly Endemic Area, file de3e52b0-665d-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 22
Leishmania infantum in wild animals in endemic areas of southern Italy, file de3e52b2-212f-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 18
null, file de3e52b1-2fdb-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 9
Effect of night time-intervals, height of traps and lunar phases on sandfly collection in a highly endemic area for canine leishmaniasis, file de3e52ae-eda5-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 6
Seasonality of goat warble fly infection by Przhevalskiana silenus (Diptera, Oestridae) in Italy, file de3e52b0-18e5-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 6
Field evaluation of a new light trap for phlebotomine sand flies, file de3e52b0-f2d1-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 5
Lungworms and gastrointestinal parasites of domestic cats: a European perspective, file de3e52b4-9e28-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 5
Identification of phlebotomine sand flies through MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry and in-house reference database, file de3e52b1-f1a1-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 4
Bovine besnoitiosis in a cattle herd in Sicily: an isolated outbreak or the acknowledgment of an endemicity?, file de3e52b5-280f-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 4
The European wildcats (Felis silvestris silvestris) as reservoir hosts of Troglostrongylus brevior (Strongylida: Crenosomatidae) lungworms., file de3e52ae-f175-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 3
Efficacy of a slow-release imidacloprid (10%)/flumethrin (4.5%) collar for the prevention of canine leishmaniosis., file de3e52ae-f176-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 3
Feline and canine leishmaniosis and other vector-borne diseases in the Aeolian Islands: Pathogen and vector circulation in a confined environment, file de3e52b0-e2fd-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 3
Larval survival of Aelurostrongylus abstrusus lungworm in cat litters, file de3e52b1-cf53-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 3
null, file de3e52b2-70af-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 3
Oxidative Stress and High-Mobility Group Box 1 Assay in Dogs with Gastrointestinal Parasites, file 1717eb06-655c-4e9a-85e5-02b14ab6f6f0 2
New insights into the ecology and biologyof Acanthocheilonema reconditum (Grassi, 1889) causingcanine subcutaneous filariosis, file de3e52ae-e0be-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 2
Feline lungworm Oslerus rostratus (Strongylida: Filaridae) in Italy: first case report and histopathological findings., file de3e52ae-f172-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 2
Evidence for direct transmission of the cat lungworm Troglostrongylus brevior (Strongylida: Crenosomatidae), file de3e52ae-f54d-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 2
Prevalence and dynamics of Oestrus ovis (Diptera: Oestridae) infection in sheep in Sicily (southern Italy), file de3e52af-51ba-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 2
Evaluation of different methods for the experimental infection of the land snail Helix aspersa with Aelurostrongylus abstrusus lungworm, file de3e52b0-18f3-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 2
Presenza di nematodi in gamberi di nassa (Plesionika narval), file de3e52b0-df79-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 2
The cockroach Periplaneta americana as a potential paratenic host of the lungworm Aelurostrongylus abstrusus, file de3e52b1-27c8-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 2
Survey on parasitic infections in wildcat (Felis silvestris silvestris Schreber, 1777) by scat collection, file de3e52b3-0e3b-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 2
Immune cells and immunoglobulin expression in the mammary gland tumors of dog, file de3e52b4-c0aa-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 2
Natural products against sand fly vectors of leishmaniosis: A systematic review, file de3e52b4-ca6e-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 2
Ectoparasites of wild rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) in Southern Italy, file de3e52b4-ef75-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 2
Molecular subtyping of blastocystis sp. Isolated from farmed animals in southern Italy, file de3e52b4-f10f-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 2
Clinical Case of Feline Leishmaniosis: Therapeutic Approach and Long-Term Follow-Up, file 266c5c47-85fb-4308-a233-0a72d33c0585 1
Rhipicephalus sanguineus (Ixodida, Ixodidae) as intermediate host of a canine neglected filarial species with dermal microfilariae, file de3e52ae-dc21-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
Development of Acanthocheilonema reconditum (Spirurida, Onchocercidae) in the cat flea Ctenocephalides felis (Siphonaptera, Pulicidae)., file de3e52ae-f173-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
Oslerus rostratus (Strongylida: Filaridae) infection in domestic cat: first case report in Italy, file de3e52ae-f1f7-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
Season-long control of flea and tick infestations in a population of cats in the Aeolian archipelago using a collar containing 10% imidacloprid and 4.5% flumethrin, file de3e52b1-5688-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
Effect of different temperatures on survival and development of Aelurostrongylus abstrusus (Railliet, 1898) larvae, file de3e52b2-484e-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
Larval survival of Aelurostrongylus abstrusus lungworm in cat litters, file de3e52b3-4e6b-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
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