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Giant spin-torque diode sensitivity at low input power in theabsence of bias magnetic field, file de3e52af-f327-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 23
Excitation of propagating spin waves in ferromagnetic nanowires by microwave voltage-controlled magnetic anisotropy, file de3e52b0-5845-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 16
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Seismic isolation of buildings using composite foundations based on metamaterials, file de3e52b1-7a1c-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 13
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Cortical and subcortical connections of the human claustrum revealed in vivo by constrained spherical deconvolution tractography, file de3e52af-e8e7-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 6
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Micromagnetic simulations using Graphics Processing Units, file de3e52ae-dc08-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 4
Spin-Hall nano-oscillator with oblique magnetization and Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction as generator of skyrmions and nonreciprocal spin-waves, file de3e52b0-412d-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 4
Description of statistical switching in perpendicular STT-MRAM within an analytical and numerical micromagnetic framework, file de3e52b1-77ac-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 4
Experimental Demonstration of Spintronic Broadband Microwave Detectors and Their Capability for Powering Nanodevices, file de3e52b1-f298-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 4
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Basal ganglia network by constrained spherical deconvolution: A possible cortico-pallidal pathway?, file de3e52af-cd4e-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 3
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Computing with Injection-Locked Spintronic Diodes, file a179c87b-b645-4f57-8a9d-431707b9910f 2
Temperature-Gradient-Driven Magnetic Skyrmion Motion, file b1518f2e-129c-443b-9b84-4971afd4862a 2
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Seismic metamaterials for the filtering of S-waves, file de3e52b0-b27e-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 2
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Pipeline for advanced contrast enhancement (Pace) of chest x-ray in evaluating covid-19 patients by combining bidimensional empirical mode decomposition and contrast limited adaptive histogram equalization (clahe), file de3e52b3-b744-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 2
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Role of magnetic skyrmions for the solution of the shortest path problem, file de3e52b4-d3d9-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 2
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Periodic system with hysteresis, file de3e52af-16d1-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
Spatio-temporal analysis of surface Electromyography signals by Independent Component and Time Scale Analysis, file de3e52af-4f17-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
Micromagnetic study of skyrmion racetrack and microwave oscillator, file de3e52af-5535-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
Stabilization and dynamics of radial vortex with interfacial Dzyaloshinskii–Moriya Interaction, file de3e52af-8970-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
Effect of the Oersted field and Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction on the dynamical behavior of a spin-Hall oscillator., file de3e52af-8a5f-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
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Design of non-linear seismic metamaterials, file de3e52b0-b399-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
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Variability-Aware Analysis of Hybrid MTJ/CMOS Circuits by a Micromagnetic-Based Simulation Framework, file de3e52b0-eb8b-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
Micromagnetic analysis of statistical switching in perpendicular STT-MRAM with interfacial Dzyaloshinskii–Moriya Interaction, file de3e52b1-149a-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
Excitation of Spin Waves in an In-Plane-Magnetized Ferromagnetic Nanowire Using Voltage-Controlled Magnetic Anisotropy, file de3e52b1-2152-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
A data-oriented self-calibration and robust chemical-shift encoding by using clusterization (OSCAR): Theory, optimization and clinical validation in neuromuscular disorders, file de3e52b1-3d7e-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
Micromagnetic analysis of statistical switching in perpendicular MTJ with double reference layers, file de3e52b1-71b5-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
Seismic isolation of buildings using composite foundations based on metamaterials, file de3e52b1-7acd-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
Theory of nonreciprocal spin waves excitation in spin-Hall oscillators with Dzyaloshinkii-Moriya interaction, file de3e52b1-872c-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
Micromagnetic simulations of spin-Hall driven dynamics in an antiferromagnet, file de3e52b1-8b56-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
Control of the skyrmion Hall angle by combining spin-Hall effect, breathing mode and in-plane field, file de3e52b1-8b5b-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
Metamaterials and composite foundations for seismic cloaking of buildings, file de3e52b1-91a4-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
Micromagnetic modeling of Terahertz oscillations in an antiferromagnetic material driven by spin-Hall effect, file de3e52b1-b4b0-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
Micromagnetic understanding of the skyrmion Hall angle current dependence in perpendicular magnetized ferromagnets, file de3e52b1-b4b2-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
Three-Dimensional Magnetic Page Memory, file de3e52b1-f29a-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
Observation of Magnetic Radial Vortex Nucleation in a Multilayer Stack with Tunable Anisotropy, file de3e52b1-f29d-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
Chiral skyrmions in an anisotropy gradient, file de3e52b1-f29f-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
A Variation-Aware Timing Modeling Approach for Write Operation in Hybrid CMOS/STT-MTJ Circuits, file de3e52b1-f2a0-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
Enhanced Broad-band Radio Frequency Detection in Nanoscale Magnetic Tunnel Junction by Interface Engineering, file de3e52b2-2b04-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
Voltage-Controlled Spintronic Stochastic Neuron Based on a Magnetic Tunnel Junction, file de3e52b2-2b08-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
Correction of Phase Errors in a Spin-Wave Transmission Line by Nonadiabatic Parametric Pumping, file de3e52b2-5198-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
Nonlinear dispersion relation in anharmonic periodic mass-spring and mass-in-mass systems, file de3e52b2-664f-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
Wave amplitude decay driven by anharmonic potential in nonlinear mass-in-mass systems, file de3e52b3-b746-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
Opportunities and challenges for spintronics in the microelectronics industry, file de3e52b3-b748-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
Spin-orbit torque based physical unclonable function, file de3e52b3-b74a-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
Impact of Scaling on Physical Unclonable Function Based on Spin-Orbit Torque, file de3e52b3-b8f2-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
Dual-band microwave detector based on magnetic tunnel junctions, file de3e52b3-d693-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
Low-frequency nonresonant rectification in spin diodes, file de3e52b3-d695-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
Assessment of STT-MRAMs based on double-barrier MTJs for cache applications by means of a device-to-system level simulation framework, file de3e52b3-d69a-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
Unified Framework for Micromagnetic Modeling of Ferro-, Ferri-, and Antiferromagnetic Materials at Mesoscopic Scale: Domain Wall Dynamics as a Case Study, file de3e52b3-d69c-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
Identification of Neél Vector Orientation in Antiferromagnetic Domains Switched by Currents in Ni O/Pt Thin Films, file de3e52b4-ce1e-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
The promise of spintronics for unconventional computing, file de3e52b4-cfd0-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
Electrically tunable detector of THz-frequency signals based on an antiferromagnet, file de3e52b4-dd70-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
Domain periodicity in an easy-plane antiferromagnet with Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction, file de3e52b4-dd72-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
Robustness of using degree of match in performing analog multiplication with spin-torque oscillators, file de3e52b4-defb-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
Spin hall nano-oscillators based on two-dimensional Fe3GeTe2 magnetic materials, file de3e52b4-fbe3-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
Spin hall nano-oscillators based on two-dimensional Fe3GeTe2 magnetic materials, file de3e52b5-0d25-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
Micromagnetic understanding of switching and self-oscillations in ferrimagnetic materials, file de3e52b5-0e33-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
Modulation, Injection Locking, and Pulling in an Antiferromagnetic Spin-Orbit Torque Oscillator, file de3e52b5-0e35-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
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