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SA - Sud America 1
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IN - India 34
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VN - Vietnam 20
GB - Regno Unito 14
CA - Canada 10
FR - Francia 8
NL - Olanda 7
DE - Germania 5
BG - Bulgaria 4
CZ - Repubblica Ceca 4
ID - Indonesia 4
BE - Belgio 3
GE - Georgia 3
MX - Messico 3
RO - Romania 3
RU - Federazione Russa 3
JO - Giordania 2
MC - Monaco 2
NO - Norvegia 2
PK - Pakistan 2
PT - Portogallo 2
SE - Svezia 2
BA - Bosnia-Erzegovina 1
FI - Finlandia 1
IQ - Iraq 1
IR - Iran 1
LV - Lettonia 1
MM - Myanmar 1
NG - Nigeria 1
PH - Filippine 1
SG - Singapore 1
TR - Turchia 1
UA - Ucraina 1
VE - Venezuela 1
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Messina 143
Rome 26
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Warsaw 20
Richmond Hill 7
Gurgaon 6
Houston 4
Padova 4
Adelfia 3
Ann Arbor 3
Buffalo 3
Caltagirone 3
Catania 3
Ceska 3
Gütersloh 3
Naples 3
Toronto 3
Chennai 2
Ensenada 2
Leawood 2
Leporano 2
London 2
Milpitas 2
Minneapolis 2
Mumbai 2
Plovdiv 2
Pozzo Di Gotto 2
Ragusa 2
Aveiro 1
Bedford 1
Bushey 1
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Cleveland 1
Council Bluffs 1
Cumming 1
Dearborn 1
Enna 1
Fleming Island 1
Floresti 1
Frankfurt am Main 1
Helsinki 1
Iasi 1
Independence 1
Jakarta 1
Kernersville 1
Kundan 1
Lowell 1
Manila 1
Marseille 1
Mashpee 1
Mentana 1
Mexico 1
Milan 1
Novi Travnik 1
Numana 1
Nuremberg 1
Pietraperzia 1
Polska 1
Porcari 1
Queijas 1
Redmond 1
Riga 1
Santa Teresa Di Riva 1
Sittwe 1
Stoke-on-trent 1
Strzyzow 1
Viagrande 1
Werkendam 1
West Palm Beach 1
Totale 320
Nome #
Anti-Inflammatory and tissue regenerative effects of topical treatment with ozonated olive oil/vitamin E acetate in balanitis xerotica obliterans, file de3e52b1-5f57-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 224
Health risks of hypovitaminosis D: A review of new molecular insights, file de3e52b1-9f24-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 41
Citrus bergamia Juice Extract Attenuates β-Amyloid-Induced Pro-Inflammatory Activation of THP-1 Cells Through MAPK and AP-1 Pathways, file de3e52b0-2079-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 16
Influence of MTHFR Genetic Background on p16 and MGMT Methylation in Oral Squamous Cell Cancer., file de3e52b0-c32e-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 13
Transglutaminase 2 Up-Regulation Is Associated with Inflammatory Response in PBMC from Healthy Subjects with Hypovitaminosis D., file de3e52b1-c7b8-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 13
Influence of MTHFR polymorphisms on cardiovascular risk markers in elite athletes, file de3e52b0-4a79-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 12
Prevalence of human papillomavirus in saliva of women with HPV genital lesions, file de3e52b2-afc2-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 12
Assessment of glutathione peroxidase-1 polymorphisms, oxidative stress and DNA damage in sensitivity-related illnesses., file de3e52af-adbc-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 9
Resistance to somatostatin analogues is associated with GSTP1 gene methylation and AHR rs2066853 variant in acromegaly patients, file de3e52b3-77af-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 9
Role of polymorphisms of inducible nitric oxide synthase and endothelial nitric oxide synthase in idiopathic environmental intolerances., file de3e52af-adb8-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 8
In vitro assessment of neurotoxicity and neuroinflammation of homemade MWCNTs, file de3e52b1-1db5-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 8
Role of Genetic Background in Cardiovascular Risk Markers Changes in Water Polo Players, file de3e52b2-19d3-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 8
Up-regulation of HIF-1α is associated with neuroprotective effects of agmatine against rotenone-induced toxicity in differentiated SH-SY5Y cells, file de3e52b2-9a3a-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 8
Expression of transglutaminase in foreskin of children with balanitis xerotica obliterans, file de3e52b2-e81a-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 8
Stable Ozonides with Vitamin E Acetate versus Corticosteroid in the Treatment of Lichen Sclerosus in Foreskin: Evaluation of Effects on Inflammation, file de3e52b3-67bc-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 8
Transglutaminase 2 is involved in amyloid-beta(1-42)-induced pro-inflammatory activation via AP1/JNK signalling pathways in THP-1 monocytes., file de3e52b0-b881-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 7
Mitochondrial Impairment Induced by Sub-Chronic Exposure to Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes., file de3e52b3-6663-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 7
Saliva testing as noninvasive way for monitoring exercise-dependent response in teenage elite water polo players: a cohort study, file de3e52b5-7f94-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 7
null, file de3e52b0-0d12-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 6
Transglutaminase 2 up-regulation is associated with RANKL/OPG pathway in cultured HPDL cells and THP-1-differentiated macrophages, file de3e52b0-58cf-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 6
Evaluation of salivary and serum asymmetric dimethylarginine (ADMA) levels in patients with periodontal and cardiovascular disease as subclinical marker of cardiovascular risk, file de3e52b2-39e5-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 6
Transglutaminase 2 is involved in homocysteine-induced activation of human THP-1 monocytes, file de3e52b2-f553-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 6
Effects of low intensity static magnetic field on FTIR spectra and ROS production in SH-SY5Y neuronal-like cells., file de3e52ae-f36d-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 5
Prognostic value of methlylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR), thymidylate synthase (TS) promoter, and p53 codon 72 variants and survival in advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)., file de3e52af-9acb-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 5
HIF1α and Glut1 receptor in transfused and untransfused thalassemic patients, file de3e52b0-1b26-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 5
Correlation of s-IgA and IL-6 Salivary with Caries Disease and Oral Hygiene Parameters in Children, file de3e52b2-2a86-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 5
The inverse relation between mitochondrial transmembrane potential and proteins α-helix in neuronal-like cells under static magnetic field and the role of VDAC, file de3e52b3-6230-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 5
Neuroprotective effects of phloretin and its glycosylated derivative on rotenone-induced toxicity in human SH-SY5Y neuronal-like cells, file de3e52b3-bad5-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 5
Association of the COMT synonymous polymorphism Leu136Leu and missense variant Val158Met with mood disorders., file de3e52af-ae23-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 4
The RS685012 Polymorphism of ACCN2, the Human Ortholog of Murine Acid-Sensing Ion Channel (ASIC1) Gene, is Highly Represented in Patients with Panic Disorder., file de3e52b0-1452-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 4
Neuroprotective effects of phloretin and its glycosylated derivative on rotenone-induced toxicity in human SH-SY5Y neuronal-like cells, file de3e52b0-c484-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 4
Competition between N–H bending vibration and α-helix polarization under 50 Hz magnetic field in SH-SY5Y neuronal-like cells, file de3e52b3-1868-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 4
Hypoxia-dependent expression of TG2 isoforms in neuroblastoma cells as consequence of different MYCN amplification status, file de3e52b3-266b-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 4
GSTP1 gene methylation and AHR rs2066853 variant predict resistance to first generation somatostatin analogs in patients with acromegaly, file de3e52b3-bd82-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 4
null, file de3e52ae-d682-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 3
GSTP1 gene methylation and AHR rs2066853 variant predict resistance to first generation somatostatin analogs in patients with acromegaly, file de3e52b1-cf93-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 3
Transglutaminase 2 and neuroinflammation, file de3e52b2-63e2-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 3
Excitotoxic and post-ischemic neurodegeneration: Involvement of transglutaminases, file de3e52ae-bb1c-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 2
Bioenergetics of T Cell Activation and Death in HIV Type 1 Infection, file de3e52ae-da0f-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 2
The ESR2 AluI 1730G>A (rs4986938) gene polymorphism is associated with fibrinogen plasma levels in postmenopausal women, file de3e52ae-de8b-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 2
In vitro CO(2)-induced ROS production impairs cell cycle in SH-SY5Y neuroblastoma cells., file de3e52ae-e392-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 2
Association of VDR gene polymorphisms with heart disease in chronic kidney disease patients, file de3e52af-adbe-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 2
Intracellular accumulation of cell cycle regulatory proteins and nucleolin re-localization are associated with pre-lethal ultrastructural lesions in circulating T lymphocytesThe HIV-induced cell cycle dysregulation revisited, file de3e52b1-a392-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 2
Intracellular accumulation of cell cycle regulatory proteins and nucleolin re-localization are associated with pre-lethal ultrastructural lesions in circulating T lymphocytesThe HIV-induced cell cycle dysregulation revisited, file de3e52b1-a393-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 2
Vitamin D Status Modulates Inflammatory Response in HIV+ Subjects: Evidence for Involvement of Autophagy and TG2 Expression in PBMC, file de3e52b3-b6ac-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 2
Vitamin D status influences transcriptional levels of RANKL and inflammatory biomarkers which are associated with activation of PBMC, file de3e52b3-cb8e-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 2
The Oxidative Stress Response in Elite Water Polo Players: Effects of Genetic Background., file de3e52b5-7798-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 2
Dietary Intake and Genetic Background Influence Vitamin Needs during Pregnancy, file 794c220b-6323-4777-a55a-a5e883a60d2f 1
50 Hz electromagnetic field produced changes in FTIR spectroscopy associated with mitochondrial transmembrane potential reduction in neuronal-like SH-SY5Y cells., file de3e52ae-f371-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
Hydroxyapatite Whiskers Based Resin Composite versus Commercial Dental Composites: Mechanical and Biocompatibility Characterization, file de3e52b0-5724-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
Oxidative stress induced by crude venom from the jellyfish Pelagia noctiluca in neuronal-like differentiated SH-SY5Y cells., file de3e52b2-dfa0-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
The SNP rs2298383 Reduces ADORA2A Gene Transcription and Positively Associates with Cytokine Production by Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells in Patients with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, file de3e52b3-1fbe-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
Asprosin serum levels and glucose homeostasis in children with obesity, file de3e52b4-083e-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
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