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Nome #
A Cloud-Based System for Improving Retention Marketing Loyalty Programs in Industry 4.0: a Study on Big Data Storage Implications, file de3e52b1-4a13-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 51
How to Develop IoT Cloud e-Health Systems Based on FIWARE: A Lesson Learnt, file de3e52b1-b8bd-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 29
Applying Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Social Networks to Identity Critical Issues in Patients’ Posts, file de3e52b1-32b5-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 27
A Cloud-Based System for Improving Retention Marketing Loyalty Programs in Industry 4.0: a Study on Big Data Storage Implications, file de3e52b1-3014-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 23
Big MRI Data Dissemination and Retrieval in a Multi-Cloud Hospital Storage System, file de3e52b0-ee42-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 20
Intelligent IoT for non-intrusive appliance load monitoring infrastructures in smart cities, file de3e52b4-222c-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 18
A Big Data Analytics Approach for the Development of Advanced Cardiology Applications, file de3e52b2-7665-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 12
Blockchain-based healthcare workflow for tele-medical laboratory in federated hospital IoT clouds, file de3e52b3-5339-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 11
An OAIS-based Hospital Information System on the Cloud: Analysis of a NoSQL Column-Oriented Approach, file de3e52b1-7b32-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 10
null, file de3e52b1-8de8-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 9
A Map-Reduce Approach for the Dijkstra Algorithm in SDN Over Osmotic Computing Systems, file de3e52b5-1d39-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 9
Presentazione di D.I.A.N.A, Digital Atlas of Numismatics in Antiquity, file de3e52b0-aec0-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 8
Analysis of a NoSQL Graph DBMS for a Hospital Social Network, file de3e52b1-b98e-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 8
Open Issues in Scheduling Microservices in the Cloud, file de3e52b0-78a0-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 7
Adding long-term availability, obfuscation, and encryption to multi-cloud storage systems, file de3e52af-e0c3-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 6
Secure Registration and Remote Attestation of IoT Devices Joining the Cloud: the Stack4Things Case of Study, file de3e52b1-275c-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 6
BOSS: A Multitenancy Ad-Hoc Service Orchestrator for Federated Openstack Clouds, file de3e52b1-3016-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 6
A study on container virtualization for guarantee quality of service in Cloud-of-Things, file de3e52b1-fe57-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 6
Are Next-Generation Sequencing Tools Ready for the Cloud?, file de3e52b0-cf72-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 5
Orchestration for the Deployment of Distributed Applications with Geographical Constraints in Cloud Federation, file de3e52b1-10fe-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 5
Re-Powering Service Provisioning in Federated Cloud Ecosystems: An Algorithm Combining Energy Sustainability and Cost-Saving Strategies, file de3e52b1-3b96-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 5
An IoT Cloud System for Traffic Monitoring and Vehicular Accidents Prevention Based on Mobile Sensor Data Processing, file de3e52b1-8528-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 5
null, file de3e52b1-9f17-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 5
Towards Improving Robotic-Assisted Gait Training: Can Big Data Analysis Help us?, file de3e52b1-f663-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 5
Human-computer Interface Based On Iot Embedded Systems For Users With Disabilities, file de3e52af-ec4c-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 4
FrontierCities: Leveraging FIWARE for advantages in smart mobility, file de3e52af-fc6a-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 4
Exploiting the FIWARE cloud platform to develop a remote patient monitoring system, file de3e52b0-034d-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 4
Enabling Secure XMPP Communications in Federated IoT Clouds Through XEP 0027 and SAML/SASL SSO, file de3e52b0-aa09-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 4
Towards Osmotic Computing: Looking at Basic Principles and Technologies, file de3e52b0-fb63-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 4
Heart Disorder Detection with Menard Algorithm on Apache Spark, file de3e52b1-06f1-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 4
IoT Data Storage in the Cloud: A Case Study in Human Biometeorology, file de3e52b1-145d-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 4
A Watchdog Service Making Container-Based Micro-services Reliable in IoT Clouds, file de3e52b1-2d96-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 4
Towards Hybrid Multi-Cloud Storage Systems: Understanding How to Perform Data Transfer, file de3e52b2-0286-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 4
Big MRI Data Dissemination and Retrieval in a Multi-Cloud Hospital Storage System, file de3e52b3-14c1-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 4
How cloud computing can support on-demand assistive services, file de3e52ae-f89f-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 3
An Approach To Evaluate Applications Running On Web-based Remote Virtual Machines In Cloud Computing, file de3e52af-eb75-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 3
Towards Linked-data In Numismatics: How The Diana Approach Can Improve The Diachrony Integrating Heterogeneous Pieces Of Data, file de3e52af-f8ad-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 3
BEACON: A cloud network federation framework, file de3e52af-fc14-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 3
An approach to reduce energy costs through virtual machine migrations in cloud federation, file de3e52b0-02bb-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 3
A Hybrid Storage Service for the Management of Big e-Health Data: A Tele-Rehabilitation Case of Study, file de3e52b0-6a09-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 3
Providing Assistive Technology Applications as a Service Through Cloud Computing, file de3e52b0-9420-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 3
Security and IoT cloud federation: Design of authentication schemes, file de3e52b0-9afd-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 3
Evaluating alternative DaaS solutions in private and public OpenStack Clouds, file de3e52b0-d99d-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 3
An Innovative Cloud-Based System for the Diachronic Analysis in Numismatics, file de3e52b0-fb26-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 3
Big Data HIS of the IRCCS-ME Future: The Osmotic Computing Infrastructure, file de3e52b1-10ff-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 3
A NoSQL Graph Approach to Manage IoTaaS in Cloud/Edge Environments, file de3e52b1-93c9-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 3
Designing a FIWARE Cloud Solution for Making Your Travel Smoother: The FLIWARE Experience, file de3e52b1-b81d-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 3
Information management in IoT cloud-based tele-rehabilitation as a service for smart cities: Comparison of NoSQL approaches, file de3e52b2-837e-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 3
Osmotic flow deployment leveraging faas capabilities, file de3e52b3-fb9f-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 3
Towards Osmotic Computing: Looking at Basic Principles and Technologies, file de3e52b4-183d-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 3
Comparison of Noise Reduction Techniques for Dysarthric Speech Recognition, file 933c10cc-df6b-4f83-ba6b-6b0f6978126f 2
The Need of a Hybrid Storage Approach for IoT in PaaS Cloud Federation, file de3e52ae-f012-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 2
Towards energy management in Cloud federation: A survey in the perspective of future sustainable and cost-saving strategies, file de3e52af-ec19-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 2
A Secure Self-identification Mechanism For Enabling Iot Devices To Join Cloud Computing, file de3e52af-f793-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 2
A heterogeneous approach for developing applications with FIWARE GEs, file de3e52af-fc16-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 2
Towards Energy Sustainability in Federated and Interoperable Clouds., file de3e52af-fe03-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 2
Identity management in IoT Clouds: A FIWARE case of study, file de3e52b0-0508-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 2
Towards the Integration Between IoT and Cloud Computing: An Approach for the Secure Self-Configuration of Embedded Devices, file de3e52b0-0851-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 2
Enriched E-R model to design hybrid database for big data solutions, file de3e52b0-0ed6-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 2
Energy Sustainability in Cooperating Clouds, file de3e52b0-60a7-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 2
A Recommendation-Based Approach for Cloud Service Brokerage: A Case Study in Public Administration, file de3e52b1-27da-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 2
A Scalable Cloud-Edge Computing Framework for Supporting Device-Adaptive Big Media Provisioning, file de3e52b1-86d5-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 2
An Innovative MapReduce-Based Approach of Dijkstra’s Algorithm for SDN Routing in Hybrid Cloud, Edge and IoT Scenarios, file de3e52b1-99ec-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 2
A Multi-Agent Autonomous Intersection Management (MA-AIM) System for Smart Cities Leveraging Edge-of-Things and Blockchain, file de3e52b2-2300-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 2
Optimizing the Research of DNA Sequences in a NoSQL Document Database: A Preliminary Study, file de3e52b2-5c37-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 2
Investigating classification supervised learning approaches for the identification of critical patients’ posts in a healthcare social network, file de3e52b2-6d37-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 2
A big video data transcoding service for social media over federated clouds, file de3e52b2-9e82-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 2
BOSS: A Multitenancy Ad-Hoc Service Orchestrator for Federated Openstack Clouds, file de3e52b3-0b68-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 2
Improving Machine Learning Algorithm Processing Time in Tele-Rehabilization through a NoSQL Graph Database Approach: A Preliminary Study, file de3e52b3-8107-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 2
null, file de3e52b5-212e-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 2
null, file 5863e1cf-c16e-4337-be34-745eddff5ff7 1
Virtual device model extending NGSI-LD for FaaS at the Edge, file 8e06a5d1-9bc7-4c29-ae53-9bc43f02c8ce 1
Design Of A Cloud Naming Framework, file de3e52ae-c089-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
null, file de3e52ae-cf79-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
null, file de3e52ae-cf7a-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
How To Federate Vision Clouds Through Saml/shibboleth Authentication, file de3e52ae-e364-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
A Message Oriented Middleware for Cloud Computing To Improve Efficiency in Risk Management Systems, file de3e52ae-efaa-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
A requirements analysis for IaaS cloud federation, file de3e52ae-efb3-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
Cloud Federation To Elastically Increase Mapreduce Processing Resources, file de3e52ae-f013-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
Data Reliability In Multi-provider Cloud Storage Service With RRNS, file de3e52ae-f4e8-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
Design of a Message-Oriented Middleware for Cooperating Clouds, file de3e52ae-f4e9-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
Diana: An Approach To Coin Iconography According To Time And Space Through Digital Maps, file de3e52ae-f4ec-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
An Integrated System for Advanced Multi-risk Management Based on Cloud for IoT, file de3e52ae-f734-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
Remote and deep attestations to mitigate threats in Cloud Mash-Up services, file de3e52ae-f839-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
DRACO PaaS: A Distributed Resilient Adaptable Cloud Oriented Platform, file de3e52ae-f83b-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
How To Enhance Cloud Architectures To Enable Cross-federation: Towards Interoperable Storage Providers, file de3e52af-eb64-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
Design of an iot cloud system for container virtualization on smart objects, file de3e52af-fc12-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
Federated networking services in multiple openstack clouds, file de3e52af-fd40-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
Security requirements in a federated cloud networking architecture, file de3e52af-fee1-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
Big data storage in the cloud for smart environment monitoring, file de3e52b0-008c-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
An authentication model for IoT clouds, file de3e52b0-0214-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
Embedded systems for supporting computer accessibility, file de3e52b0-026b-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
A federated system for mapreduce-based video transcoding to face the future massive video-selfie sharing trend, file de3e52b0-026c-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
Costs of a federated and hybrid cloud environment aimed at MapReduce video transcoding, file de3e52b0-02b7-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
Evaluating A File Fragmentation System For Multi-provider Cloud Storage, file de3e52b0-08b6-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
New Trends in Biotechnology: The Point on NGS Cloud Computing Solutions, file de3e52b0-3e91-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
Advances in Service-Oriented and Cloud Computing - Workshops of ESOCC 2015, Taormina, Italy, file de3e52b0-616d-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
A scientometric analysis of cloud computing and QoE literature to design a cloud platform of experience for digital business, file de3e52b0-973b-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
Big data analytics in genomics: The point on Deep Learning solutions, file de3e52b0-fe16-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
An approach to share MRI data over the Cloud preserving patients' privacy, file de3e52b0-fe18-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 1
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