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Nome #
Analysis of the sesquiterpene fraction of citrus essential oils by using the off-line combination of high performance liquid chromatography and gas chromatography-based methods: A comparative study, file de3e52af-68f6-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 66
Phenolic profile and biological properties of the leaves of Ficus vasta Forssk. (Moraceae) growing in Egypt, file de3e52b1-87cd-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 50
null, file de3e52b3-ae88-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 43
Analysis of Citrus essential oils: state of the art and future perspectives. A review., file de3e52ae-e906-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 21
Recents analytical techniques advances in the carotenoids and their derivatives determination in various matrixes., file de3e52b1-78fb-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 20
Evaluation of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity of green coffee beans methanolic extract in rat skin, file de3e52b3-9619-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 15
Use of ionic liquids as stationary phases in hyphenated gas chromatography techniques, file de3e52ae-e55a-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 13
Apocarotenoids determination in Capsicum chinense Jacq. cv Habanero, by supercritical fluid chromatography-triple-quadrupole/mass spectrometry, file de3e52b0-ca25-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 13
Concentration of Potentially Bioactive Compounds in Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oils from Various Sources by Using LC-MS and Multivariate Data Analysis, file de3e52b3-ae17-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 13
LC-MS for the identification of oxygen heterocyclic compounds in citrus essential oils., file de3e52ae-cac3-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 12
Phenolic composition and biological activities of Juniperus drupacea Labill. berries from Turkey, file de3e52ae-d06f-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 11
Application of a multidimensional gas chromatography system with simultaneous mass spectrometric and flame ionization detection to the analysis of sandalwood oil, file de3e52ae-daf0-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 11
Determination of the metabolite content of Brassica juncea cultivars using comprehensive two-dimensional liquid chromatography coupled with a photodiode array and mass spectrometry detection, file de3e52b3-d355-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 11
A rapid multidimensional liquid-gas chromatography method for the analysis of mineral oil saturated hydrocarbons in vegetable oils, file de3e52ae-de3f-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 10
Native carotenoids composition of some tropical fruits, file de3e52ae-ebcd-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 10
Comparison of different analytical techniques for the analysis of carotenoids in Tamarillo (Solanum betaceum Cav.), file de3e52b1-9ec2-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 10
Evaluation of fast gas chromatography and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry in the analysis of lipids, file de3e52ae-b084-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 9
On-line High Performance Liquid Chromatography Coupled with High Resolution Gas Chromatography (HPLC-HRGC). State of the Art, file de3e52ae-c1b9-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 9
Comprehensive lipid profiling in the Mediterranean mussel (Mytilus galloprovincialis) using hyphenated and multidimensional chromatography techniques coupled to mass spectrometry detection, file de3e52b1-923c-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 9
Comprehensive two-dimensional liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry for the simultaneous determination of wine polyphenols and target contaminants, file de3e52b0-1848-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 8
Phenolic profile, antioxidant properties and brine shrimp toxicity of a hydroalcoholic extract obtained from the leaves of Brassica incana Ten. (Brassicaceae) growing in Sicily., file de3e52b2-74c7-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 8
Physico-Chemical and Phytochemical Characterization of Moroccan Wild Jujube "Zizyphus lotus (L.)" Fruit Crude Extract and Fractions, file de3e52b3-b677-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 8
Chemical Characterization of Three Accessions of Brassica juncea L. Extracts from Different Plant Tissues, file de3e52b3-b81b-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 8
Carbon isotope ratios of selected volatiles in Citrus sinensis and in orange-flavoured food, file de3e52ae-a0b2-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 7
Comparison of fast and conventional GC analysis for citrus essential oils, file de3e52ae-aaa3-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 7
The off-line combination of high performance liquid chromatography and comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography-mass spectrometry: A powerful approach for highly detailed essential oil analysis, file de3e52ae-fafd-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 7
Determination of new bioflavonoids in bergamot (Citrus bergamia) peel oil by liquid chromatography coupled to tandem ion trap-time-of-flight mass spectrometry, file de3e52af-0874-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 7
null, file de3e52b2-11fe-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 7
Wild strawberry (Arbutus unedo): Phytochemical screening and antioxidant properties of fruits collected in northern Morocco, file de3e52b3-a1c5-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 7
Authentication of Bergamot Essential Oil by Gas Chromatography-Combustion-Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer (GC-C-IRMS), file de3e52ae-daf2-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 6
Evaluation of a Medium-Polarity Ionic Liquid Stationary Phase in the Analysis of Flavor and Fragrance Compounds, file de3e52ae-de40-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 6
Electronic nose and GC-MS analysis of volatile compounds in Tuber magnatum Pico: evaluation of different storage conditions, file de3e52ae-ea5a-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 6
High performance characterization of triacylglycerols in milk and milk-related samples by liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry, file de3e52af-00ef-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 6
Sample preparation techniques coupled to advanced chromatographic methods for marine organisms investigation, file de3e52af-1006-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 6
Pattern-Type Separation of Triacylglycerols by Silver ThiolatexNon-Aqueous Reversed Phase Comprehensive Liquid Chromatography, file de3e52b5-2156-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 6
Determination of anthocyanins in blood orange juices by HPLC analysis, file de3e52ae-ade6-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 5
Determination of flavonoids in citrus juices by micro-HPLC-ESI/MS, file de3e52ae-b4b5-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 5
Determination of Bioactive Compounds in the Juice of Pummelo (Citrus grandis Osbeck), file de3e52ae-f81a-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 5
Chemical characterisation of old cabbage (Brassica oleracea L. var. acephala) seed oil by liquid chromatography and different spectroscopic detection systems, file de3e52b0-19de-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 5
Characterization of the pigment fraction in Sweet Bell Peppers (Capsicum annuum L.) harvested at green and overripe yellow and red stages by off-line multidimensional convergence chromatography/liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry, file de3e52b0-4959-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 5
Direct online extraction and determination by supercritical fluid extraction with chromatography and mass spectrometry of targeted carotenoids from red Habanero peppers (Capsicum chinense Jacq.), file de3e52b1-13ee-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 5
Determination of free apocarotenoids and apocarotenoids esters in human colostrum, file de3e52b2-4f68-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 5
Characterization of Phenolic Compounds, Vitamin E and Fatty Acids from Monovarietal Virgin Olive Oils of "Picholine marocaine" Cultivar, file de3e52b3-b81f-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 5
Identification of Fatty Acid, Lipid and Polyphenol Compounds from Prunus armeniaca L. Kernel Extracts, file f5754639-4270-4037-a978-0967a96b0cc2 5
Hidden threat lurking in extensive hand hygiene during the Covid-19 pandemic: investigation of sensitizing molecules in gel products by hyphenated chromatography techniques, file bfec8b88-f482-4961-80c5-ee1db6d92afd 4
Reliable identification of pesticides using linear retention indices as an active tool in gas chromatographic-mass spectrometric analysis, file de3e52ae-b0de-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 4
Silver-ion reversed-phase comprehensive two-dimensional liquid chromatography combined with mass spectrometric detection in lipidic food analysis, file de3e52ae-b51b-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 4
High-throughput analysis of bergamot essential oil by fast solid-phase microextraction-capillary gas chromatography-flame ionization detection, file de3e52ae-b620-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 4
Analysis of native carotenoid composition in orange juice using C-30 columns in tandem, file de3e52ae-b8b3-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 4
Optimized use of a 50 mu m ID secondary column in comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, file de3e52ae-c55b-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 4
Study on the chemical composition variability of some processed bergamot (Citrus bergamia) essential oils, file de3e52ae-cb62-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 4
Determination of flavanones in Citrus juices by means of one- and two-dimensional liquid chromatography, file de3e52ae-daf3-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 4
Sicilian lemon oil: Composition of volatile and oxygen heterocyclic fractions and enantiomeric distribution of volatile components, file de3e52ae-db26-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 4
Chemical Characterization of Sacha Inchi (Plukenetia volubilis L.) Oil, file de3e52ae-e98f-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 4
Untargeted and targeted comprehensive two-dimensional GC analysis using a novel unified high-speed triple quadrupole mass spectrometer, file de3e52ae-fa2c-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 4
Advanced liquid chromatography techniques for the screening of lipid molecules in food, file de3e52ae-fb47-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 4
Sviluppo di metodiche analitiche avanzate per l'analisi di triacilgliceroli in campioni complessi (oli di pesce), file de3e52af-08d4-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 4
Determination of the triacylglycerol fraction in fish oil by comprehensive liquid chromatography techniques with the support of gas chromatography and mass spectrometry data, file de3e52af-2045-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 4
Bergamot (Citrus bergamia Risso) as a source of nutraceuticals: Limonoids and flavonoids, file de3e52b0-1f9f-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 4
Analysis of human plasma lipids by using comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography with dual detection and with the support of high-resolution time-of-flight mass spectrometry for structural elucidation, file de3e52b0-f418-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 4
Antimicrobial activities, toxicity and phenolic composition of Asphodeline anatolica E. Tuzlaci leaf extracts from Turkey, file de3e52b0-f820-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 4
Multidimensional liquid chromatography in food analysis, file de3e52b1-3859-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 4
Supercritical fluid chromatography x ultra high pressure liquid chromatography for red chilli pepper fingerprinting by photodiode array, quadrupole-time-of-flight and ion mobility mass spectrometry (SFC x RP-UHPLC-PDA-QToF MS-IMS)., file de3e52b1-a422-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 4
Phytochemical characterization and biological activities of a hydroalcoholic extract obtained from the aerial parts of Matthiola incana (L.) R.Br. subsp. incana (Brassicaceae) growing wild in Sicily (Italy), file de3e52b1-d050-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 4
Characterization of Limonoids in Citrus Essential Oils by Means of Supercritical Fluid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry, file de3e52b2-1694-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 4
Inula viscosa (L.) Aiton leaves and flower buds: Effect of extraction solvent/technique on their antioxidant ability, antimicrobial properties and phenolic profile., file de3e52b2-7de9-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 4
The digestibility of hibiscus sabdariffa L. Polyphenols using an in vitro human digestion model and evaluation of their antimicrobial activity, file de3e52b5-23ca-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 4
Characterization of Artemisia arborescens L. (Asteraceae) leaf-derived essential oil from Southern Italy, file de3e52ae-ae53-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 3
Carotenoid profile of sweet orange and mandarin essential oils, file de3e52ae-b850-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 3
Evaluation of use of a very short polar microbore column segment in high-speed gas chromatography analysis, file de3e52ae-b8b1-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 3
Determination of trans-resveratrol in wine by micro-HPLC with fluorescence detection, file de3e52ae-bd3d-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 3
Comprehensive chromatographic methods for the analysis of lipids, file de3e52ae-bd40-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 3
Characterization of the anthocyanin fraction of Sicilian blood orange juice by Micro-HPLC-ESI/MS, file de3e52ae-bf44-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 3
Determination of Oxygen Heterocyclic Components in Citrus Products by HPLC with UV Detection, file de3e52ae-c4b9-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 3
null, file de3e52ae-d814-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 3
Evaluation of Gas Chromatography-Combustion-Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry (GC-C-IRMS) for the Quality Assessment of Citrus Liqueurs, file de3e52ae-dc63-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 3
Advances in LC-MS for food analysis, file de3e52ae-de46-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 3
Determination of Carotenoids and their Estersin Fruits of Sea Buckthorn (Hippophaerhamnoides L.) by HPLC-DAD-APCI-MS, file de3e52ae-e55b-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 3
Ultra high pressure in the second dimension of a comprehensive two-dimensional liquid chromatographic system for carotenoid separation in red chili peppers., file de3e52ae-e7de-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 3
Capillary-liquid chromatography (CLC) and nano-LC in food analysis, file de3e52ae-f04f-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 3
Qualitative and quantitative analysis of the unsaponifiable fraction of vegetable oils by using comprehensive 2D GC with dual MS/FID detection, file de3e52ae-f996-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 3
Combining orthogonal multidimensional liquid chromatography approaches in food analysis, file de3e52ae-ffe8-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 3
Study of the carotenoid composition in Membrillo, Guanabana toreta, Jobo and Mamey fruits, file de3e52af-004d-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 3
Evolution and status of preparative gas chromatography as a green sample-preparation technique, file de3e52af-4831-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 3
The penetration of green sample-preparation techniques in comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography, file de3e52af-4833-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 3
Comprehensive Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry for a Comprehensive Analysis of Lipids in Biological Systems, file de3e52af-54d3-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 3
Non-polar lipids characterization of Quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa) seed by comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography with flame ionization/mass spectrometry detection and non-aqueous reversed-phase liquid chromatography with atmospheric pressure chemical ionization mass spectrometry detection, file de3e52af-6d06-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 3
Capsaicinoids and Carotenoids in Capsicum annuum L.: optimization of the extraction method, analytical characterization and evaluation of its biological properties, file de3e52af-f56e-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 3
Application of Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Liquid Chromatography for Carotenoid Analysis in Red Mamey (Pouteria sapote) Fruit, file de3e52b0-184a-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 3
Role of the flavonoid-rich fraction in the antioxidant and cytotoxic activities of Bauhinia forficata Link. (Fabaceae) leaves extract, file de3e52b0-1bcc-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 3
Comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography-mass spectrometry: Recent evolution and current trends, file de3e52b0-1c3b-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 3
Reduced time HPLC analyses for fast quality control of citrus essential oils, file de3e52b0-30f9-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 3
Comprehensive Liquid Chromatography and Other Liquid-Based Comprehensive Techniques Coupled to Mass Spectrometry in Food Analysis, file de3e52b0-a66d-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 3
Authentication of citrus volatiles based on carbon isotope ratios, file de3e52b1-38ca-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 3
Use of an Online Extraction Technique Coupled to Liquid Chromatography for Determination of Caffeine in Coffee, Tea, and Cocoa, file de3e52b2-1de5-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 3
Characterization of the polyphenolic fraction of pomegranate samples by comprehensive two-dimensional liquid chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry detection, file de3e52b2-43a6-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 3
null, file de3e52b2-d0be-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 3
Comprehensive lipid profiling in the Mediterranean mussel (Mytilus galloprovincialis) using hyphenated and multidimensional chromatography techniques coupled to mass spectrometry detection, file de3e52b2-e5ab-762d-e053-3705fe0a30e0 3
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