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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
A study on vitamin C content in a sample of fresh horticultural plants, consumed for a healty feed. A statistical approach. 1-gen-2015 Scinelli, Alessandra; MATARESE PALMIERI, Rosina
Study on “Fragility” of Vitamin C/Water System across Glass Transition 1-gen-2001 Branca, Caterina; Magazu', Salvatore; F., Migliardo; Romeo, Giovanna
Study, characterization and comparison of photovoltaic devices both for indoor and outdoor application 1-gen-2021 Cusimano, Alberto; Barichello, Jessica; Caruso, Roberto; Lupò, Giuseppe; Spinella, Giuseppe; Calogero, Giuseppe
Studying a physics problem with the help of open source software 1-gen-2018 Mandanici, Andrea
Studying Communities at High Environmental Risk: The case of Gela 1-gen-2014 Saitta, Pietro; Luigi, Pellizzoni
Studying microplastics: Lessons from evaluated literature on animal model organisms and experimental approaches 1-gen-2021 Prokic, M. D.; Gavrilovic, B. R.; Radovanovic, T. B.; Gavric, J. P.; Petrovic, T. G.; Despotovic, S. G.; Faggio, C.
Studying nerve transfers: Searching for a consensus in nerve axons count 1-gen-2021 Costa, A. L.; Papadopulos, N.; Porzionato, A.; Natsis, K.; Bassetto, F.; Tiengo, C.; Giunta, R.; Soldado, F.; Bertelli, J. A.; Baeza, A. R.; Battiston, B.; Titolo, P.; Tos, P.; Radtke, C.; Aszmann, O.; Moschella, F.; Cordova, A.; Toia, F.; Perrotta, R. E.; Ronchi, G.; Geuna, S.; Colonna, M. R.
Studying phototrophic and heterotrophic microbial communities on stone monuments 1-gen-2001 Urzi', Clara Enza; Albertano, P.
Studying Physics, Getting to Know Python: RC Circuit, Simple Experiments, Coding, and Data Analysis with Raspberry Pi 1-gen-2021 Mandanici, A.; Alessandro Sara, S.; Fiumara, G.; Mandaglio, G.; Broude Geva, S.; Colbry, D.
Studying Staphylococcus aureus infections by using in vivo animal models 1-gen-2011 Torre, Antonina; Fontana Maria, Rita; Bagnoli, Fabio; Teti, Giuseppe; Beninati, Concetta; Bensi, Giuliano
Studying the dietary modulation of endothelial functions by combining in vivo and in vitro models : application to hyperoxic stress 1-gen-2009 Virgili, F.; Cimino, Francesco; Canali, ; C., Balestra
Studying the Electromagnetic-induced changes of the Secondary Structure of Bovine Serum Albumin and the Bioprotective Effectiveness of Trehalose by FTIR Spectroscopy 1-gen-2011 S. Magazù; E. Calabrò
Studying The Hydrological Response Of Urban Catchments Using A Semi-Distributed Linear Non-Linear Model 1-gen-2000 Aronica, Giuseppe Tito; Cannarozzo, M.
Studying the Pc (4450) resonance in J/ψ photoproduction off protons 1-gen-2016 Blin, A. N. H.; Fernandez-Ramirez, C.; Jackura, A.; Mathieu, V.; Mokeev, V. I.; Pilloni, A.; Szczepaniak, A. P.
Studying the Pc(4450) Resonance in J/ψ Photoproduction Off Protons 1-gen-2018 Hiller Blin, A. N.; Fernandez-Ramirez, C.; Jackura, A.; Mathieu, V.; Mokeev, V. I.; Pilloni, A.; Szczepaniak, A. P.
STUNTING IS AN INDEPENDENT PREDICTOR OF MORTALITY IN PATIENTS WITH CYSTIC FIBROSIS 1-gen-2010 Vieni, G; Faraci, S; Pardo, F; Traverso, G; Lombardo, M; Termini, L; Lucanto, Mc; Collura, M; Furnari, Ml; Cristadoro, S; Trimarchi, Giuseppe; Triglia, Mr; Pellegrino, S; Magazzu', Giuseppe
STUNTING IS AN INDEPENDENT PREDICTOR OF MORTALITY IN PATIENTS WITH CYSTIC FIBROSIS 1-gen-2010 Vieni, Giuseppe; Simona, Faraci; Francesca, Pardo; Mariangela, Lombardo; Lisa, Termini; Maria Cristina, Lucanto; Gabriella, Traverso; Triglia Maria, Rita; Mirella, Collura; Maria Lucia, Furnari; Trimarchi, Giuseppe; Pellegrino, Salvatore; Magazzu', Giuseppe
Stunting is an independent predictor of mortality in patients with cystic fibrosis 1-gen-2013 Vieni, Giuseppe; Faraci, S.; Collura, M.; Lombardo, M.; Traverso, G.; Cristadoro, S.; Termini, L.; Lucanto, M. C.; Furnari, M. L.; Trimarchi, Giuseppe; Triglia, M. R.; Costa, Stefano; Pellegrino, Salvatore; Magazzu', Giuseppe
Sturge Weber syndrome: prolonged follow-up of a case with partial seizures controlled by felbamate 1-gen-1999 Patanè, S.; Fontana, P.; Egitto, F.; Spano', M.; Calamoneri, F.; Tortorella, Gaetano
Sturm-Liouville equations involving discontinuous nonlinearities 1-gen-2016 Bonanno, Gabriele; D'Agui', Giuseppina; Patrick, Winkert
Mostrati risultati da 104.362 a 104.381 di 118.786
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