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NA - Nord America 1844
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SA - Sud America 3
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 2
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US - Stati Uniti d'America 1842
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Chandler 443
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Jacksonville 282
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Dearborn 155
Princeton 151
Medford 130
Messina 122
Des Moines 110
Lancaster 97
Cambridge 91
Ann Arbor 87
Warsaw 76
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Catania 24
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Shenyang 21
Nanjing 20
Siracusa 20
Jinan 19
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Zhengzhou 11
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Bremen 10
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Rome 7
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Norwalk 6
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Salerno 6
Helsinki 5
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Licata 5
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Fuzhou 4
Jiaxing 4
Lanzhou 4
Nanchang 4
Palermo 4
Tianjin 4
Abingdon 3
Aversa 3
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Chengdu 3
Florence 3
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Hefei 3
Kokshetau 3
Naro 3
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Seattle 3
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Valparaiso 3
Vienna 3
Adrano 2
Augsburg 2
Brooklyn 2
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Krakow 2
Kunming 2
Librizzi 2
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Malambe 2
Menlo Park 2
Milan 2
Ningbo 2
Ruvo di Puglia 2
Santa Maria Capua Vetere 2
Stoke-on-trent 2
Szczecin 2
Triggiano 2
Abu Dhabi 1
Ankara 1
Ardabil 1
Arzignano 1
Auburn Hills 1
Barletta 1
Basking Ridge 1
Bergamo 1
Berlin 1
Biancavilla 1
Boulder 1
Casal di Principe 1
Castano Primo 1
Cerveteri 1
Chaoyang 1
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Nome #
Alternative scenarios of food-waste treatment: a comparative Life Cycle Assessment 73
Environmental management system as a driver for eco-innovations: experiences in italian organizations 69
Sustainability Performance of an Italian Textile Product 59
Environmental impacts of a charging station for electric bicycle using Life Cycle Assessment 57
Comparative LCA of Alternative Scenarios for Waste Treatment: The Case of Food Waste Production by the Mass-Retail Sector 56
Sustainable Local Development and Environmental Governance: A Strategic Planning Experience 54
Italian experiences in Life Cycle Assessment of olive oil: a survey and critical review 48
Industrial Applications: Regulatory Issues and Life Cycle Assessment of Food Packaging 48
Integrazione di aspetti ambientali e strategie di qualità di prodotto in un’ottica di ciclo di vita: Life Cycle Assessment di oli extra-vergini di oliva di alta qualità 46
Developing sustainable local systems through Industrial Symbiosis: the cases of Agro-Industrial and Urban contexts 46
Energy balance and GHG emission of various biodiesels: Global prospects 45
Energy performance and energy certification of buildings: the case of “S.T.U. Tirone 44
Factors affecting transport privatization: An empirical analysis of the EU 44
A systematic review for measuring circular economy: The 61 indicators 44
Valutazione tecnico-economica-ambientale di sistemi di cattura diretta dell'anidride carbonica 42
Il confinamento oceanico della CO2 come strategia per ridurre l'inquinamento atmosferico. 42
La certificazione ambientale di un sistema territoriale: analisi di un percorso 42
Il turismo come strumento di sviluppo urbano sostenibile: un caso studio 42
Social life cycle assessment in the textile sector: An italian case study 42
Is green innovation an opportunity or a threat to employment? An empirical analysis of three main industrialized areas: The USA, Japan and Europe 40
Outlining an integrated model of environmental management to assist local strategic planning 39
La Direttiva UE 2002/91/CE e l'automazione domestica: l'evoluzione tecnologica del sistema di gestione energetico-qualitativa nella civile abitazione 39
Social Life Cycle Assessment of a textile product 39
Life Cycle Assessment in the cereal and derived products sector 38
Traceability and self-checks: the case of SMA Gruppo Rinascente 37
Can cities become smart without being sustainable? A systematic review of the literature 37
Biogas from Zootechnical Refluents: Potentialities and Productive Realities in Italy and Sicily. 36
Developing a Territory Balanced Scorecard approach to manage projects for local development: Two case studies 35
Il progetto "Fish Gate": progetto integrato di gestione delle risorse 35
The study of relationship in a hierarchical structure of EU sustainable development indicators 35
Integrated tools of environmental management and local development: Djerba (Tunis) application 34
Environmental impacts from olive oil production: a Life Cycle Assessment case study in the Province of Messina (Sicily) 34
Efficiency of the EU regulation on greenhouse gas emissions in Italy: The hierarchical cluster analysis approach 34
The impact of the ISO 9001:2015 on the Quality Management System of an Italian University Department 34
Valdagrò 33
Energy certification of buildings: A comparative analysis of progress towards implementation in European countries 33
From environmental management to local development: a case of know-how transfer to improve integration activities in Europe 33
Sostenibilità delle filiere agro-alimentari e Life Cycle Assessment: sintesi di alcuni casi applicativi nella filiera olivicola 33
Environmental Impacts Of Olive Oil Production: A Life Cycle Assessment Case Study In The Province Of Messina (Sicily) 32
Mitigating regional disparities through microfinancing: an analysis of microcredit as a sustainability tool for territorial development in Italy 32
The making of smart cities: Are Songdo, Masdar, Amsterdam, San Francisco and Brisbane the best we could build? 32
Preface—a new paradigm for life cycle thinking: exploring sustainability in urban development scenarios 32
Digital technologies for urban metabolism efficiency: Lessons from urban agenda partnership on circular economy 32
Waste recycling patents and environmental innovations: An economic analysis of policy instruments in the USA, Japan and Europe 31
Life cycle assessment and life cycle costing of unitized regenerative fuel cells: a literature review 31
Smart and Sustainable Bioeconomy Platform: A New Approach towards Sustainability 31
Perseguimento degli obiettivi del protocollo di Kyoto e strategie globali di riduzione dei gas serra 30
Integration of environmental tools to support agri-food chain strategical decisions: a techno-management approach 30
Product-oriented environmental management system (POEMS): A sustainable management framework for the food industry. 30
Comparing alternative scenarios of waste treatment: the case of food-waste production by the Mass-Retail Sector 30
By-product and waste management for building material production: A comprehensive review 30
Il piano territoriale provinciale quale strumento di politica e sviluppo ambientale sostenibile per la regione Sicilia 29
From coastal management to environmental management the sustainable eco-tourism program for the mid-western coast of Sardinia (Italy) 29
A model of Product-Oriented Environmental Management System (POEMS) for agri-food SMEs 29
Monitoring and Evaluation of regional industrial sustainability: evidence from Italian regions 29
The PGI mark as a vector of sustainable local tourism: an experience in Sicily. 28
Valutazione tecnico – economico – ambientale di sistemi di cattura diretta dell'anidride carbonica 28
Programmazione Ambientale Territoriale in sistemi ad elevata fragilita’: La costa di Arbus (Sardegna) 28
From Theory to Practice: Enhancing the Potential Policy Impact of Industrial Ecology 28
Free rooms for Sustainability in Urban Development: the Commodity Science perspective 28
Supply Chain and Innovation Activity in Transport Related Enterprises in Eastern Poland 28
The challenging transition to bio-economies: Towards a new framework integrating corporate sustainability and value co-creation 28
The application of relative taxonomy to the study of disproportions in the area of sustainable development of the European Union 28
Il miglioramento delle performance energetiche nella civile abitazione: analisi tecnico-economica di un caso studio 27
Industrial symbiosis, networking and innovation: The potential role of innovation poles 27
Towards a sustainable industrial ecology: Implementation of a novel approach in the performance evaluation of Italian regions 27
Determination of an optimal pinch point temperature difference interval in ORC power plant using multi-objective approach 27
Evaluation of the Italian transport infrastructures: A technical and economic efficiency analysis 27
The evolution of local government services: e-government a new tool for quality. 26
A bibliometric and network analysis of Lean and Clean(er) production research (1990/2017) 26
The effectiveness of European energy policy on the Italian system: Regional evidences from a hierarchical cluster analysis approach 26
Best-compromise solutions for waste management: Decision support system for policymaking 26
I sistemi di gestione ambientale per lo sviluppo eco-sostenibile del territorio: il caso delle Isole Eolie 25
Proposta di un Modello di Product-Oriented Environmental Management System (POEMS) per l'industria Agro-Alimentare: Risultati Preliminari 25
Nuovi interventi localizzativi a servizio delle PMI artigianali 25
Logistics and land use planning: An application of the ACIT indicator in European port regions 25
Innovation in sustainable development: an investigation of the EU context using 2030 agenda indicators 25
The role of system and product certifications for the sustainable production of commodities in Italy 25
Total factor logistics productivity: A spatial approach to the Italian regions 25
Understanding sensor cities: Insights from technology giant company driven smart urbanism practices 25
Integrating strategic environmental assessment and material flow accounting: a novel approach for moving towards sustainable urban futures 24
How can life cycle thinking support sustainability of buildings? Investigating life cycle assessment applications for energy efficiency and environmental performance 24
Dal Rapporto sullo Stato dell'Ambiente (RSA) al Piano di Azione Locale (PAL): Il caso del Consorzio Tindari-Nebrodi 23
Industrial Ecology and Environmental Lean Management: Lights and Shadows 23
Environmental analysis of polyester fabric for ticking 23
Stimulating technological innovation through incentives: Perceptions of Australian and Brazilian firms 22
Regional heterogeneity in Italy: Transport, devolution and corruption 22
Facilitating solid biomass production planning: Insights from a comparative analysis of Italian and German marginalized areas 22
Valdagrò: Messina 21
Con la Stu pubblico-privata il quartiere Tirone di Messina vede la rigenerazione urbana 21
Competitiveness and the Logistics Performance Index: The ANOVA method application for Africa, Asia, and the EU regions 21
Life Cycle Assessment and Life Cycle Costing of unitized regenerative fuel cell: A systematic review 21
Sistemi di programmazione a supporto della qualità urbana: il caso della città di Messina 20
Qualità del servizio nelle strutture sanitarie: il sistema di accreditamento nazionale 20
Integrazione di competenze a supporto dei sistemi di gestione costiera. Il caso Fish-Gate: Progetto Integrato di Gestione delle Risorse 20
Strumenti di gestione ambientale ed ecoturistica: il caso del Medio-Campidano 20
The implementation of Product-Oriented Environmental Management Systems in agri-food SMEs 20
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