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Enna 1
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Jakarta 1
Knightdale 1
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Lima 1
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Nome #
Fear and anxiety managing methods during dental treatments: a systematic review of recent data 120
Diabetes: Oral health related quality of life and oral alterations 89
Oral Health Impact Profile in Celiac Patients: Analysis of Recent Findings in a Literature Review 69
Facial Bone Reconstruction Using both Marine or Non-Marine Bone Substitutes: Evaluation of Current Outcomes in a Systematic Literature Review 60
Dental Whitening Gels: Strengths and Weaknesses of an Increasingly Used Method 60
Interferon Crevicular Fluid Profile and Correlation with Periodontal Disease and Wound Healing: A Systemic Review of Recent Data 59
Prosthetic and Mechanical Parameters of the Facial Bone under the Load of Different Dental Implant Shapes: A Parametric Study 59
Molecular biomarkers related to oral carcinoma: Clinical trial outcome evaluation in a literature review 57
Sandblasted and Acid Etched Titanium Dental Implant Surfaces Systematic Review and Confocal Microscopy Evaluation 57
Aspiratore odontoiatrico per riduzione di aerosol - Dental Office Aspirator for aerosol reduction 57
Alginate Materials and Dental Impression Technique: A Current State of the Art and Application to Dental Practice 54
Herpes Virus, Oral Clinical Signs and QoL: Systematic Review of Recent Data 54
Bioactive Titanium Surfaces: Interactions of Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic Cells of Nano Devices Applied to Dental Practice 53
Three dimensional evaluation of different implant prosthetic retention systems: fem e von mises study 50
Fem and Von Mises Analysis of OSSTEM Dental Implant Structural Components: Evaluation of Different Direction Dynamic Loads 48
Bite force measurement devices 46
Association Between Odontoma and Impacted Teeth 44
FEM and Von Mises Analysis on Prosthetic Crowns Structural Elements: Evaluation of Different Applied Materials 43
Chitosan Use in Dentistry: A Systematic Review of Recent Clinical Studies 43
COVID-19 Surface Persistence: A Recent Data Summary and Its Importance for Medical and Dental Settings 43
Antibiotic Prophylaxis on Third Molar Extraction: Systematic Review of Recent Data 42
4 Years Clinical and Radiological Evaluation of Dental Implant Placed in Regenerated Bone vs Dental Implant Placed Into Native Bone 42
3D digital impression systems compared with traditional techniques in dentistry: A recent data systematic review 41
Oral Health and Fibromyalgia Syndrome: A Systemic Review 39
Application of bioengineering devices for stress evaluation in dentistry: the last 10 years FEM parametric analysis of outcomes and current trends 39
Diagnosis of Giant Cell Tumor of the Tendon Sheath Using Multiecho Gradient-Echo Sequence: The "superblooming Artifact" 39
Implant-Supported Prosthesis for Edentulous Patient Rehabilitation. From Temporary Prosthesis to Definitive with a New Protocol: A Single Case Report 38
We Do Not Eat Alone: Formation and Maturation of the Oral Microbiota 38
Bone Morophogenetic Protein Application as Grafting Materials for Bone Regeneration in Craniofacial Surgery: Current Application and Future Directions 38
Dental materials implant alloys: A X-ray fluorescence analysis on FDS76® 37
Implantology and periodontal disease: The panacea to problem solving? 37
Advances in Antiplatelet Therapy for Dentofacial Surgery Patients: Focus on Past and Present Strategies 37
Chlorhexidine gel use in the oral district: A systematic review 37
Valutazione Del Discomfort Post Operatorio Dopo Chirurgia Di Terzo Molare Mandibolare Incluso. Analisi Clinica E Radiografica 37
Decayed Missed and Filled Teeth Evaluation on Alzheimer’s Disease Patients: A Retrospective Research 37
Three-dimensional evaluation of different prosthesis retention systems using finite element analysis and the Von Mises stress test 36
Endo and Exoskeleton: New Technologies on Composite Materials 36
Biomarkers molecolari correlati al carcinoma orale: Review sistematica sui recenti risultati di test clinici 36
Surface treatment of the dental implant with hyaluronic acid: An overview of recent data 36
Systematic Review on White Spot Lesions Treatments 36
Dental restorative digital workflow: Digital smile design from aesthetic to function 35
Cemented Or Screw Reteined For Single Dental Implant Restoration: Parametric Evaluation Of The Bone Tissue Reaction Under The Masticatory Load 35
3D printing review: innovative devices for dental applications and digital dentistry 35
Early diagnosis on oral and potentially oral malignant lesions: A systematic review on the Velscope® fluorescence method 35
Reliability of a Virtual Prosthodontic Project Realized through a 2D and 3D Photographic Acquisition: An Experimental Study on the Accuracy of Different Digital Systems 34
Effectiveness of low-level laser therapy during tooth movement: A randomized clinical trial 34
Fem And Von Mises Analysis Prosthetic Crowns Structural Elements: Evaluation Of Different Applied Material 34
Oral Mucosal Transformation in Women With Genital HPV Infection. An Epidemiologic Study on East Sicily 34
Differenze Cliniche Fra Impianti Posizionati In Osso Nativo Ed Impianti Posizionati In Osso Rigenerato 34
Interface between MTA and dental bonding agents: Scanning electron microscope evaluation 33
Analisi Parametrica Tridimensionale di un Sistema Statisticamente Determinato Atto a Ruotare il Piano Occlusale per la Correzione di Malocclusioni Scheletriche di Terza classe 33
Comparison of Two Routes of Administration of Dexamethasone to Reduce the Postoperative Sequelae After Third Molar Surgery: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis 32
null 32
Efficacy of Alveolar Ridge Preservation after Maxillary Molar Extraction in Reducing Crestal Bone Resorption and Sinus Pneumatization: A Multicenter Prospective Case-Control Study 32
Dental occlusion and sport performance 32
Biological and chemo-physical features of denture resins 32
Influenza sulla salute orale dei pazienti affetti da sindrome di Marfan: revisione della letteratura 32
The Use of Titanium Mesh in Guided Bone Regeneration: A Systematic Review 31
Oral Health and Molecular Aspects of Malignant Fibrous Histiocytoma Patients: A Systematic Review of the Literature 31
Sars-cov-2 persistence: data summary up to q2 2020 31
Dental Office Prevention of Coronavirus Infection 31
null 30
Elastics selector gauge as orthodontics device applied to inter-maxillary traction during malocclusion correction 30
Porphyromonas gingivalis, Periodontal and Systemic Implications: A Systematic Review 29
Worldwide 3D Printers against the New Coronavirus 29
FEM Analysis Applied to OT Bridge Abutment with Seeger Retention System 29
The effect of different condition of pulpal pressure on microtensile bond strength of several dentin bonding agents on deep and superficial dentin 29
Fem Analysis and Stress Distribution on Prosthetic Single Tooth Crown 28
Hyaluronic acid evaluation in the treatment of dental implant surfaces and latest generation prosthetic components: in vitro experimental analysis 28
Growth Factors in Oral Tissue Engineering: New Perspectives and Current Therapeutic Options 28
A cohort study on anticoagulant therapy risks in dental patients after multiple extractions 28
Oral and psychological alterations in haemophiliac patients 27
Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) Evaluation of Different Dental Bonding Agents: A Gap Comparison of the Different Adgesives Capability 27
The Use of Bulk Fill Resin-Based Composite in the Sealing of Cavity with Margins in Radicular Cementum 27
Surgical Risk on Patients with Coagulopathies: Guidelines on Hemophiliac Patients for Oro-Maxillofacial Surgery 26
Oral health: The first step to well-being 26
Oral health in patients with Marfan syndrome 26
Access to Innovative Neurological Drugs in Europe: Alignment of Health Technology Assessments Among Three European Countries 26
The effect of a functional appliance in the management of temporomandibular joint disorders in patients with juvenile idiopathic arthritis 25
Scanning Electron Microscope (Sem) Evaluation Of Different Dental Bonding Agents. A Gap Comparison Od The Different Adhesives Capability 25
Comparative investigation of cutting devices on bone blocks: An SEM morphological analysis 25
In-vitro study on the effectiveness of microwave sterilization in odontostomatology 24
The Application of the Divine Proportion for the Construction of the Visualized Treatment Objective in Craniofacial Surgery 24
Oral Implantology and Bioengineering: From “Digital Guided Surgery” to Personalized Medicine 23
Copper–calcium hydroxide and permanent electrophoretic current for treatment of apical periodontitis 22
null 22
Qualità Della Vita Dopo Asportazione Di Una Lesione Orale Maligna: Valutazione Di Recenti Risultati In Una Review Sistematica Della Letteratura 22
Anxious patients and new COVID-19 dental office protocol 22
Stress distribution and failure analysis comparison between Zirconia and Titanium dental implants 21
Application of Third Molar Maturity Index (I3M) for Assessing Adult Age of 18 Years in a Southern Italian Population Sample 21
Solitary Plasmacytoma of the Mandible: Early Diagnosis and Surgical Management 21
Dental Pulp Stem Cells on Implant Surface: An In Vitro Study 20
Stannous fluoride effects on enamel: A systematic review 20
Three-dimensional evaluation on cortical bone during orthodontic surgical treatment 19
Human Papilloma Virus: Current Knowledge and Focus on Oral Health 19
Finite Element Analysis of Zirconia Dental Implant 18
Conscious Sedation in Dentistry 18
Valutazione Dei Differenti Sistemi Adesivi Al Microscopio Elettronico A Scansione (Sem). Comparazione Delle Capacità Adesive Sui Materiali Endodontici 18
Molecular features and tissue engineering techniques applied to regenerative surgery: An overview of recent data 18
Endosseous Dental Implant Materials and Clinical Outcomes of Different Alloys: A Systematic Review 18
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