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Nome #
Monitoring changes in heart rate and behavioral observations in donkeys during onotherapy sessions: a preliminary study 103
Plasma serotonin in horses: comparison between two different management conditions 93
Moderator dogs in modulation of canine behavioral problems 82
Evaluation of some oxidative stress markers in ovis aries during different experimental conditions 79
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Reference intervals for total protein concentration, serum protein fractions, and albumin/globulin ratios in clinically healthy dairy cows 51
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Phospholipids composition of plasma and erythocytes membranes of animal species 50
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Structural and management requirements for the infrastructure that host human-animal interactions with Equidae 39
Effect of storage time and temperature on the total protein concentration and electrophoretic fractions in equine serum. 38
Behavior test for seven-week old puppies (Canis familiaris): Inter-rater reliability and factors associated with test performance 38
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Modulation of peripheral markers of the serotoninergic system in healthy horses 37
Funzionalità tiroidea nel Gatto: effetto dell'età, del sesso e della razza sui livelli circolanti di iodotironine totali e libere 36
Maternal serum cortisol and serotonin response to a short separation from foal 36
Seven-week-old puppy performance during a standardized behavioural test: influence of breed groups based on genetic relatedness 36
Effetto dell'allenamento sulla risposta di cortisolo e iodotironine totali e libere di cavalli a test d'esercizio standardizzati su treadmill 35
null 35
Modulation of circulating purines and pyrimidines by physicalexercise in the horse 34
Pattern of serum protein fractions in dairy cows during different stages of gestation and lactation 34
Reference Intervals of Serum Protein Concentrations from Clinically Healthy Female Ragusana Donkeys (Equus asinus) Determined by Cellulose Acetate Electrophoresis 34
Livelli plasmatici di serotonina nel Puledro: effetto dell'età, della razza e della stagione 33
A comparative analysis of the acoustic structure of separation calls of Mongolian wild horses (Equus Ferus Przewalskii) and domestic horses (Equus caballus). 33
null 32
Seasonal variations in serum protein fractions of dairy cows during different physiological phases 32
Influence of short-term storage conditions on the stability of total protein concentrations and electrophoretic fractions in plasma samples from loggerhead sea turtles, Caretta caretta 31
Plasma Serotonin in Laying Hens (Gallus gallus domesticus) With and Without Foot pad Dermatitis 30
La personalità del cane secondo i proprietari. Risultati di un questionario. 28
Lunar cycle and sex offspring distribution in dogs: a preliminary study 28
Total locomotor activity and serum cortisol levels: daily rhythm in dogs 27
Personality trait that emerges in ten popular dog breed in Italy 27
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