XIBILIA, Maria Gabriella
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AF - Africa 2
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GB - Regno Unito 28
BE - Belgio 18
RU - Federazione Russa 9
VE - Venezuela 9
PL - Polonia 4
VN - Vietnam 4
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IN - India 3
CL - Cile 2
EU - Europa 2
SA - Arabia Saudita 2
TN - Tunisia 2
AE - Emirati Arabi Uniti 1
CA - Canada 1
IR - Iran 1
MX - Messico 1
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SK - Slovacchia (Repubblica Slovacca) 1
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Bari 3
Caracas 3
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Rome 3
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Hefei 2
Jiaxing 2
Jubail 2
Monastir 2
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Taiyuan 2
Zhengzhou 2
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Boulder 1
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Bremen 1
Brooklyn 1
Cachan 1
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Helsinki 1
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Kunming 1
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Lanzhou 1
Linguaglossa 1
Livorno 1
Los Angeles 1
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Mazzano Romano 1
Montréal 1
Mountain View 1
Nijmegen 1
Rho 1
Royal Leamington Spa 1
Shanghai 1
Tomsk 1
Viagrande 1
Vicenza 1
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Nome #
Credit risk contagion and systemic risk on networks 67
2D Still-Image segmentation with CNN-Amoeba 62
Sulphur Recovery Unit Modeling via Stacked Neural Network. 49
A comparison between HMLP and HRBF Neural Networks for Attitude Control 48
Attitude feedforward neural controller in quaternion algebra 48
Multi-Layer Perceptron to approximate quaternion valued functions 47
Microstructures as a refinement of Cauchy theory. Problems of physical concreteness 46
A Neural Controller for a Natural Circulation Loop 45
Neural Networks in Multidimensional Domains:fundamentals and new trends in modelling and control 44
Automatic validation of the five-channel DCN interferometer in ENEA-FTU based on soft-computing techniques 42
A modelling strategy for rectangula thermal convenction loops 42
A Neural Networks Based System for Post Pulse Fault Detection and Disruption Data Validation in Tokamak Machines 42
Soft Sensors for Monitoring and Control of Industrial Processes 42
A generalized Chua cell for realizing any continuous n-segment piecewise-linear function 41
Motion control of a population of Artemias 41
Artificial neural networks for small-signal modelling of microwave FET's 40
A fuzzy sensor validation system for plasma density measures in tokamak machines based on neural models 39
Soft Sensor design for a Topping process in the case of small datasets 39
An Innovative Intelligent System for Fault Detection Tokamak Machines 38
Soft analyzers for a sulfur recovery unit 38
Artificial Neural Networks for Predicting Road Pavement Conditions 38
An Automatic Validation System for Interferometry Density Measurements in the ENEA-FTU Tokamak Based based on Soft Computing 37
Artemia swarm dynamics and path tracking 37
A deep learning based soft sensor for a sour water stripping plant 37
Chaotic Time Series Prediction Via Quaternionic Multilayer Perceptrons 36
Modeling and control of a natural circulation loop 36
A neural model for a natural convenction system control 36
Soft computing for greenhouse climate control 36
From dynamical emerging patterns to patterns in visual art 35
Fuzzy control of a CD player focusing system 34
Advanced Simulation of Semiconductor Devices by Artificial Neural Networks 34
Soft Computing 33
Fuzzy Linear Matrix Inequalities (LMI) control of a rectangular thermal convenction loop 33
A Comparative Analysis of the Influence of Methods for Outliers Detection on the Performance of Data Driven Models 33
Neural-based monitoring of a debutanizer distillation column 32
Attitude control of an underwater robot by using hypercomplex neural networks 32
Comparing regressors selection methods for the Soft Sensor design of a Sulfur Recovery Unit 32
Selection of regressors using correlation analysis to deign a Virtual instrument for an SRU of a refinery 32
Stacking approaches for the design of a soft sensor for a Sulfur Recovery Unit 32
CHUA'S CIRCUIT IMPLEMENTATIONSYesterday, Today and Tomorrow 32
FPGA based soft sensor for the estimation of the kerosene freezing point 31
Improving generalization in Neural Soft Sensor design 31
Soft Sensor design for a Sulfur Recovery Unit using a clustering based approach 31
A comparison between HMLP and HRBF for attitude control 31
Soft Sensor design for a Sulfur Recovery Unit using Genetic Algorithms 30
Improving Monitoring of NOx Emissions in Refineries 30
CHIMUX: a Switching System for NuclearPhysics Signals 30
Modelling unstable behavior of a natural circulation loop with a neural network 29
SC-CNN for chaotic signal applications in secure communication systems 29
Neural Networks for Benzene Percentage Monitoring in Distillation Columns 29
Education in the field of Robotics and Automation at the Engineering Faculty of the University of Messina 29
Soft Sensor for a Propylene Splitter with Seasonal Variations 29
Harmonic balance method for time–delay chaotic systems design 29
Deep Structures for a Reformer Unit Soft Sensor 29
An innovative intelligent system for sensor validation in Tokamak machines 28
Virtual Instruments for the what-if analysis of a process for pollution minimization in an industrial application 28
Development of a Soft Sensor for a Thermal Cracking Unit using a small experimental data set 28
FPGA implementation of a soft sensor for the estimation of the freezing point of kerosene 28
Internal model control of discrete non-minimum phase over-actuated systems with multiple time delays and uncertain parameters 28
Temperature Model Identification of FTU Liquid Lithium Limiter 27
Deep Learning Algorithm for Predictive Maintenance of Rotating Machines Through the Analysis of the Orbits Shape of the Rotor Shaft 27
Chaotic sequences to improve the performance of evolutionary algorithms 26
A small scale viscosimeter based on IPMCs 26
Design of a soft sensor for an industrial plant with unknown delay by using deep learning 26
Soft Computing e valenze applicative 25
A Microcontroller Based Approach for Nonlinear Characterization of Magnetoencephalographic Data 25
A scalable fractional order model for IPMC actuators 25
Positive-real systems under lossless transformations: Invariants and reduced order models 25
Low-order Nonlinear Finite-Impulse Response Soft Sensors for Ionic Electroactive Actuators Based on Deep Learning 25
Deep Learning for Soft Sensor Design 25
RNN- and LSTM-based soft sensors transferability for an industrial process 25
Stacking Approaches for the design of Soft Sensors using small data set 24
An analytical approach to one-parameter MIMO systemspassivity enforcement 24
Invariance of characteristic values and L∞ norm under lossless positive real transformations 24
A numerical procedure to obtain the pseudo-polynomial characteristic equation of a commensurate time-delay system 23
A Neural Network Approach for Safety Monitoring Applications 23
Virtual instruments in refineries - Data monitoring for environmental quality 22
Delay Independent Stability Control for Commensurate Multiple Time-Delay Systems 22
Soft Sensor Transferability between Lines of a Sulfur Recovery Unit 22
Comparison of Soft-Sensor Design Methods for Industrial Plants using Small Data Sets 21
Input variables selection criteria for data-driven Soft Sensors design 21
Model order reduction: A comparison between integer and non-integer order systems approaches 21
Parametric control of IPMC actuator modeled as fractional order system 20
Model identification of the temperature over the FTU cooled liquid lithium (CLL) limiter surface 20
Continuous time LTI systems under lossless positive real transformations: open-loop balanced representation and truncated reduced-order models 19
Carbon black based fractional order element: Wien oscillator implementation 18
Graphical method for the stability analysis of commensurate multiple time delay imperfect systems 18
Evolutionary Computation for Model Order Reduction with Parametric Generalised SPA 17
Temperature model identification on FTU liquid lithium limiter 17
Fractional order PI control of a gimbal platform 17
A class of generalized orthonormal functions 16
Complexity in forest fires: From simple experiments to nonlinear networked models 16
A soft sensor for the estimation of ionic electroactive actuator motion based on deep learning 16
Linear dynamic coupling in the synchronization of hyperchaotic systems 16
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