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Nome #
1-{4-[2-(9-anthrylmethoxy)ethyl]benzyl}-1'-methyl-4,4'-bipyridinium salts and related compounds as bifunctional compounds with an intercalating and a signal emitting unit for the detection of nucleic acids 118
Innovative approach to discover new markers of Alzheimer’s Disease for state/stage diagnosis by Phage Display technology 63
Image processing method, corresponding system, vehicle and computer program product 61
Conformational Mimotopes for Detecting Specific Antibodies 55
Procedimento Di Elaborazione Di Segnali Elettrofisiologici Per Calcolare Una Chiave Virtuale Di Veicolo 54
Method and systems for producing optically transparent noble metal films 49
Image processing method, corresponding system and computer program product, 44
An electrophysiological signal processing method, corresponding system, computer program product and vehicle 42
Use of nitroaniline derivatives for the production of nitric oxide 42
Method for producing optically transparent noble metal films 41
An advanced bio-inspired photoplethysmography (PPG) and ECG pattern recognition system for medical assessment 39
Microreactor and method for loading a liquid 38
Advanced bio-inspired system for noninvasive cuff-less blood pressure estimation from physiological signal analysis 37
Organic electrically bistable material and its use for producing a memory switch 37
Processing of Electrophysiological Signals 37
A miniaturized silicon based device for nucleic acids electrochemical detection 36
Chip for biological analyses provided with wells having an improved shape, cartridge including the chip and method for manufacturing the chip 36
Advanced Deep Learning Embedded Motion Radiomics Pipeline for Predicting Anti-PD-1/PD-L1 Immunotherapy Response in the Treatment of Bladder Cancer: Preliminary Results 34
Microfluidic device with integrated stirring structure and manufacturing method thereof 34
Photoresponsive multilayer films by assembling cationic amphiphilic cyclodextrins and anionic porphyrins at the air/water interface 33
An advanced, silicon-based substrate for sensitive nucleic acids detection 33
Method for Bio-Computer Analysis for Evaluating The Risk for the Onset Of Age- Related Macular Degeneration 33
Innovative IgG Biomarkers Based on Phage Display Microbial Amyloid Mimotope for State and Stage Diagnosis in Alzheimer's Disease 33
Chemical functionalization of HA-Mg/ColI scaffold for bone tissue engineering 33
Tailored conjugated polymer Langmuir-Schäfer thin films in sensing transistors 32
Carbon dots as promising tools for cancer diagnosis and therapy 32
Ad-hoc shallow neural network to learn hyper filtered photoplethysmographic (PPG) signal for efficient car-driver drowsiness monitoring 31
A Method of Processing Electrophysiological Signals, Corresponding System, Vehicle And Computer Program Product 31
Au, Pd and maghemite nanofunctionalized hydroxyapatite scaffolds for bone regeneration 31
Electrochemical biosensor for PCR free nucleic acids detection: A novel biosensor containing three planar microelectrodes for melocular diagnostic applications 30
Ionic strength-controlled hybridization and stability of hybrids of KRAS DNA single-nucleotides: A surface plasmon resonance study 30
Tetrametallic reduction of dinitrogen: Formation of a tetranuclear samarium dinitrogen complex 29
Bio-inspired deep-CNN pipeline for skin cancer early diagnosis 29
A Method of Processing Electrophysiological Signals, Corresponding System, Vehicle And Computer Program Product 29
Photoelectric Response of Self Assembled Films of Bacterio-Rhodopsin Purple Membrane Integrated on Silicon 26
Beneficial effect of tempol, a membrane-permeable radical scavenger, on inflammation and osteoarthritis in in vitro models 26
An innovative chemical strategy for PCR-free genetic detection of pathogens by an integrated electrochemical biosensor 26
Antimicrobial effect and cytotoxic evaluation of MG-doped hydroxyapatite functionalized with Au-nano rods 26
Effect of surface residual stresses on surface crack behaviour and wear of Y-TZP 25
Piezoelectric sensor functionalised by a self-assembled bipyridinium derivative: Characterisation and preliminary applications in the detection of heavy metal ions 25
PCR technologies for point of care testing: Progress and perspectives 24
Miniaturized electrochemical biosensor based on whole‐cell for heavy metal ions detection in water 24
Acetone sensing and modelling by low-cost NiO nanowalls 23
Confined photo-release of nitric oxide with simultaneous two-photon fluorescence tracking in a cellular system 23
Lab-on-disk platform for KRAS mutation testing 23
Ultrasensitive Label- and PCR-Free Genome Detection Based on Cooperative Hybridization of Silicon Nanowires Optical Biosensors 23
null 23
Biosensor integration on Si-based devices: Feasibility studies and examples 23
Carbon dots: An innovative tool for drug delivery in brain tumors 23
Development of Si-based electrical biosensors: Simulations and first experimental results 22
Structural and Spectroscopic Study of Langmuir-Schäfer Films of Bis Zn-Ethane-Bridged Porphyrins Dimer 22
Innovative Lab-on-Disk Technology for Rapid and Integrated Analysis of Pathogen Nucleic Acids 21
Fast and efficient nucleic acid testing by ST's In-Check™ lab-on-chip Platform 21
Langmuir-Schäfer films of a new calix[4]pyrrole-based macrocycle exhibiting induced chirality upon binding with chiral alcohol vapours 21
Preparation and characterization of two mixed-valence samarium octameric clusters 21
Redox switchable self-assembled monolayers of functional ruthenium(III/II) complexes on optically transparent platinum electrodes 21
A facile method for urinary phenylalanine measurement on paper-based lab-on-chip for PKU therapy monitoring 21
A new Ag-nanostructured hydroxyapatite porous scaffold: Antibacterial effect and cytotoxicity study 21
An integrated biosensor platform for extraction and detection of nucleic acids 21
EWOD silicon biosensor for multiple nucleic acids analysis 21
An innovative deep learning algorithm for drowsiness detection from EEG signal 20
A novel lab-on-disk system for pathogen nucleic acids analysis in infectious diseases 20
null 20
Novel self-assembled monolayers of dipolar ruthenium(III/II) pentaammine(4,4′-bipyridinium) complexes on ultrathin platinum films as redox molecular switches 19
Multivalent mesoporous silica nanoparticles photo-delivering nitric oxide with carbon dots as fluorescence reporters 19
Develop the "In-Check" platform for diagnostic applications 18
Poly(alkoxyphenylene - Thienylene) Langmuir - Schäfer thin films for advanced performance transistors 18
Silicon nitride surfaces as active substrate for electrical DNA biosensors 18
Nickel based biosensor for biomolecules recognition 18
null 18
Miniaturized and multi-purpose electrochemical sensing device based on thin Ni oxides 18
Langmuir-Shäfer transfer of fullerenes and porphyrins: Formation, deposition, and application of versatile films 17
Divalent and mixed-valence samarium clusters supported by dipyrrolide ligand 17
Electrochemical switching of chromogenic monolayers self-assembled on transparent platinum electrodes 17
Facile light-triggered one-step synthesis of small and stable platinum nanoparticles in an aqueous medium from a β-cyclodextrin host-guest inclusion complex 17
Selective binding of 2-anthrylmethylpyrrole with fluoride: Fluorescence and theoretical studies 17
A novel miniaturized biofilter based on silicon micropillars for nucleic acid extraction 17
CY5 fluorescence measured with silicon photomultipliers 17
null 17
null 17
Integrated PCR amplification and detection processes on a Lab-on-Chip platform: A new advanced solution for molecular diagnostics 16
Image data analysis in qPCR: A method for smart analysis of DNA amplification 16
Monomeric and octameric divalent ytterbium complexes of diphenylmethyl dipyrrolyl dianion 16
Si photomultipliers for bio-sensing applications 16
Photodelivery of nitric oxide from water-soluble platinum nanoparticles 16
Targeted Photodynamic Therapy with a Folate/Sensitizer Assembly Produced from Mesoporous Silica 16
null 16
Tetrametallic divalent samarium cluster hydride and dinitrogen complexes 16
null 16
Advanced skin lesion discrimination pipeline for early melanoma cancer diagnosis towards PoC devices 16
Biofriendly Route to Near-Infrared-Active Gold Nanotriangles and Nanoflowers through Nitric Oxide Photorelease for Photothermal Applications 16
Dual-Functional Nano-Functionalized Titanium Scaffolds to Inhibit Bacterial Growth and Enhance Osteointegration 16
Carbon-dots conductometric sensor for high performance gas sensing 15
Electrical properties and oxygen functionalities in ethanol-treated and thermally modified graphene oxide 15
Simplified equation for evaluating the influence of surface residual stresses on the toughness of zirconia ceramics 15
Light-controlled nitric oxide generation from a novel self-assembled monolayer on a gold surface 15
Tri- and tetravalent and mixed-valence niobium complexes supported by a tripodal tripyrrolylmethane trianion 15
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