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Castelfiorentino 1
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Nome #
Physicochemical Characterization and Antioxidant Activity Evaluation of Idebenone/Hydroxypropyl-β-Cyclodextrin Inclusion Complex 104
Mobile Spectroscopy in Archaeometry: Some Case Study 98
Nanospheres based on PLGA/amphiphilic cyclodextrin assemblies as potential enhancers of Methylene Blue neuroprotective effect 79
Archaeometric investigation of red-figure pottery fragments from Gioiosa Guardia (Messina, Sicily) by INAA, FT-IR and TOF-ND techniques 77
Evaluation of complementary methodologies applied to a preliminary archaeometric study of glazed pottery from Agsu (Azerbaijan) 76
Archaeometric Characterisation of Decorated Pottery from the Archaeological Site of Villa dei Quintili (Rome, Italy): Preliminary Study 70
Characterization of blue decorated Renaissance pottery fragments from Caltagirone (Sicily, Italy) 66
Isoflavone Aglycons-Sulfobutil Ether-beta-Cyclodextrin Inclusion Complexes: in Solution and Solid State Studies 65
Thermal fluctuations in chemically cross-linked polymers of cyclodextrins. 65
Analysis of the thermal fluctuations in inclusion complexes of genistein with β-cyclodextrin derivatives 64
Spectroscopic evidence of the effects induced by non-ionizing radiation on tissue samples 63
Characterization of ancient amphorae by spectroscopic techniques 62
UV-vis and FTIR-ATR characterization of 9-fluorenon-2-carboxyester/(2-hydroxypropyl)-beta-cyclodextrin inclusion complex 61
Characterization of pottery fragments by nondestructive neutron diffraction 58
Episodic records of jellyfish ingestion of plastic items reveal a novel pathway for trophic transference of marine litter 58
FTIR/ATR study of water encapsulated in Na-A and Mg-exchanged A-zeolites 57
Comparison between TOF-ND and XRD quantitative phase analysis of ancient potteries 56
Multi-analytical study of Roman frescoes from Villa dei Quintili (Rome, Italy) 56
Cross-linked cellulose nano-sponges: a small angle neutron scattering (SANS) study 56
Elastic neutron scattering study of water dynamics in ion-exchanged type-A zeolites 55
Mobility of water in Linde type A synthetic zeolites: an inelastic neutron scattering study 55
Characterisation of archaeological pottery: The case of "Ionian Cups" 54
Aggregation phenomena in aqueous solutions of uncharged star polymers with a porphyrin core 53
Iqens study of the influence of confinement on diffusional dynamics of propylene glycol 51
FT-IR spectroscopic analysis to study the firing processes of prehistoric ceramics 50
FT-IR spectroscopy for the detection of liver damage 49
The hydrogen-bond network in propylene-glycol studied by Raman spectroscopy 49
T dependence of vibrational dynamics of water in ion-exchanged zeolites A: A detailed Fourier transform infrared attenuated total reflection study 48
New insight on the hydrogen bonding structures of nanoconfined water: a Raman study 48
Combined non-destructive XRF and SR-XAS study of archaeological artefacts 48
“Host-guest” interactions in Captisol®/Coumestrol inclusion complex: UV-vis, FTIR-ATR and Raman studies 47
Structural and dynamics effects H-bond induced in monomer-polymer solutions 46
Dynamical properties of liquids in restricted geometries 46
Non-destructive identification of green and yellow pigments: the case of some Sicilian Renaissance glazed pottery 46
Caratterizzazione delle superfici decorate: il caso delle pitture ellenistiche in Sicilia 46
FTIR-ATR analysis of the H-bond network of water in branched polyethyleneimine/TEMPO-oxidized cellulose nano-fiber xerogels 46
Probing the molecular connectivity of water confined in polymer hydrogels 45
FT-IR spectroscopy study on cutaneous neoplasie 44
Can a nanoporous matrix dramatically change the conformational and dynamical properties of imbibed water? An anelastic light scattering response 44
Phisicochemical characterization of cumestrol beta-cyclodextrins inclusion complexes by UV-Vis anf FTIR-ATR spectyroscopies 44
2d correlation spectroscopy (2dcos) analysis of temperature‐dependent ftir‐atr spectra in branched polyethyleneimine/tempo‐oxidized cellulose nano‐fiber xerogels 44
Diffusive dynamics of water in ion-exchanged zeolites 44
A FT-IR absorption analysis of vibrational properties of water encaged in NaA zeolites: evidence of a "structure maker" role of zeolitic surface 43
Anharmonic effects and vibrational dynamics in H-bonded liquids by attenuated total reflectance FT-IR spectroscopy 43
H-bond influence in the vibrational dynamics of liquid polymers 43
Role of the solvent in the dynamical transitions of proteins: The case of the lysozyme-water system 43
Potentiality of non-destructive XRF analysis for the determination of Corinthian B amphorae provenance 43
Do plastics serve as a possible vector for the spread of antibiotic resistance? First insights from bacteria associated to a polystyrene piece from King George Island (Antarctica). 43
Diffusive relaxations and vibrational properties of water and H-bonded systems in confined state by neutrons and light scattering: State of the art 42
Water diffusion in nanoporous glass: An NMR study at different hydration levels 42
SANS investigation of the salt-crystallization- and surface-treatment-induced degradation on limestones of historic–artistic interest 42
Vibrational and diffusional dynamics of water in Mg50-A zeolites by spectroscopic investigation 40
Aggregation effects in aqueous solutions of Star-polymers by spectroscopic investigations 40
Diffusional and vibrational properties of water confined in very thin nanoporous glasses probed by light and neutron scattering 40
Anticonvulsant agent: enhancement of physicochemical properties 40
Confinement influence in liquid water studied by Raman and neutron scattering 39
Vibrational properties of water molecules adsorbed in different zeolitic frameworks 39
Nanoaggregates of amphiphilic cyclodextrin with genistein: UV-Vis and FTIR-ATR spectroscopy characterization 39
Physicochemical characterization of coumestrol/beta-cyclodextrins inclusion complexes by UV-vis and FTIR-ATR spectroscopies 39
A characterization study of resveratrol/sulfobutylether-b-cyclodextrin inclusion complex andin vitro anticancer activity 38
Indagini multidisciplinari e rilievo 3D fotogrammetrico presso il sito archeologico di Scifì (Messina) 38
3D survey and GPR for cultural heritage - The case study of SS. Pietro and Paolo Church in Casalvecchio Siculo 38
New insights to assess the consolidation of stone materials used in built heritage: the case study of ancient graffiti (Tituli Picti) in the archaeological site of Pompeii 38
Rutin-Loaded Solid Lipid Nanoparticles: Characterization and In Vitro Evaluation 38
Dynamical properties and confinement effects in complex liquids 37
null 37
FT-IR spectroscopy: a powerful tool in pharmacology 37
T-dependence of the vibrational dynamics of IBP/diME-beta-CD in solid state: A FT-IR spectral and quantum chemical study 37
Hydrocarbons and kidney damage: Potential use of neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin and sister chromatide exchange 37
Technological analysis of Sicilian prehistoric pottery production through small angle neutron scattering technique 37
Multi-technique investigation of Roman decorated plasters from Villa dei Quintili (Rome, Italy) 37
Spectroscopic investigation of Roman decorated plasters by combining FT-IR, micro-Raman and UV-Raman analyses 37
Multi-technique characterization of ancient findings from Gela (Sicily, Italy) 36
Handheld XRF and Raman equipment for the in situ investigation of Roman finds in the Villa dei Quintili (Rome, Italy) 36
Effect of H-bond active sites on transport properties of poly(ethylene oxide) dissolved in its monomers: Shear viscosity and diffusion coefficient studies 35
Hydroxyl end groups influence in vibrational and transport properties in polymer/monomer solutions: the PEO/EG case 35
Inelastic neutron scattering study of water in hydrated LTA-type zeolites 35
A non-invasive analysis of 'proto-majolica' pottery from southern Italy by TOF neutron diffraction. 35
Evaluating the protecting effects of two consolidants applied on Pietra di Lecce limestone: A neutronographic study 35
Temperature-dependent dynamical evolution in coum/sbe-β-cd inclusion complexes revealed by two-dimensional ftir correlation spectroscopy (2d-cos) 35
Neutrons as a probe of large volume specimens: the case of archaeological pottery findings 35
Structural and dynamic effects h-bond induced in monomer-polymer solutions 34
Vibrational dynamics of ethylene glycol in mesoscopic confinement by incoherent inelastic neutron scattering (IINS) investigation 34
Hydrogen bond interaction in bulk and confined liquid polymers studied by FT-IR and Raman spectroscopy 34
Dynamical properties in dense triblock copolymer micellar system 34
FTIR-ATR spectroscopy to probe selective protein recognition by cyclodextrin nanoaggregates 34
Decorated pottery study: Analysis of pigments by x-ray absorbance spectroscopy measurements 34
Water and polymer dynamics in a model polysaccharide hydrogel: the role of hydrophobic/hydrophilic balance 34
Spectroscopic evidence of aggregation processes in porphyrin- based star-polymers in aqueous solutions 33
Relaxational Dynamics of Water in Porous Glasses 33
Diffusive relaxation processes and low-frequency dynamical properties in bulk and confined ethylene glycol by neutron spectroscopy 33
Raman spectroscopy: Probing dynamics of water molecules confined in nanoporous silica glasses 33
Effect of the chiral discrimination on the vibrational properties of (R)-, (S)- and (R, S)-ibuprofen/methyl-beta-cyclodextrin inclusion complexes 33
Spectroscopic analyses of Hellenistic painted plasters from 2nd century B.C., Sicily (South Italy) 33
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