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Nome #
Adaptive bio-inspired landmark identification for navigation control 45
A bio-inspired auditory perception model for amplitude-frequency clustering 35
Exploiting Imperfections in Perception-Action Learning 32
A spiking network for body size learning inspired by the fruit fly 31
Modelling stepping strategies for steering in Insects 31
CNN based central pattern generators with sensory feedback 31
A cellular nonlinear approach to decentralized locomotion control of the stick insect 30
Contributions of CNN to bio-robotics and brain science 30
An integrated system for disaster management in industrial areas 30
Multi-sensory architectures for action-oriented perception 30
Walking capabilities of Gregor controlled through Walknet 29
An autonomous mini-hexapod robot controlled through a CNN-based CPG VLSI chip 29
Climbing obstacles via bio-inspired CNN-CPG and adaptive attitude control 29
Climbing obstacle in bio-robots via CNN and adaptive attitude control 28
Software/Hardware Issues in Modelling Insect Brain Architecture 28
Towards neural reusable neuro-inspired systems 28
Biological investigation of neural circuits in the insect brain 28
A spiking network for object and ego-motion detection in roving robots 27
Biorobots, nonlinear dynamics and Perception 27
Chaotic sequences in ACO algorithms 27
A CNN approach for controlling a roving robot 27
Sensory Feedback in locomotion control 27
Autonomous learning of collaboration among robots 26
Perception-action map learning in controlled multiscroll systems applied to robot navigation 26
STDP with adaptive synaptic delay for robot navigation control 26
Realization of a CNN-driven cockroach-inspired robot 26
Bio-Inspired Locomotion Control of the Hexapod Robot Gregor III 26
Decision making processes in the fruit fly: a computational model 25
SPARKRS4CS: A software/hardware framework for cognitive architectures 25
An Obstacle avoidance method for a redundant manipulator controlled through a recurrent neural network 25
Visual learning in Drosophila: Application on a roving robot and comparisons 25
Emergence of perceptual states in nonlinear lattices: a new computational model for perception 25
STDP-based behavior learning on TriBot robot 25
Drosophila-inspired visual orientation model on the Eye-Ris platform: Experiments on a roving robot 25
RNN- and LSTM-based soft sensors transferability for an industrial process 25
Bio-inspired robotic solutions for landslide monitoring 24
Efficient hexapodal locomotion control based on flow-invariant subspaces 24
An insect brain computational model inspired by Drosophila melanogaster: simulation results 24
Cellular computation in the insect brain 24
CNN and collective perception 24
Insect-inspired robots: Bridging biological and artificial systems 24
A Mushroom Bodies inspired spiking network for classification and sequence learning 23
A CNN-based chip for robot locomotion control 23
The WLC principle for action-oriented perception 23
Implementation of Turing patterns for bio-inspired motion control 23
Roving robots gain from an orientation algorithm of fruit flies and predict a fly decision-making algorithm 23
Cellular Nonlinear Networks for the emergence of perceptual states: Application to robot navigation control 22
A Fly-Inspired Mushroom Bodies Model for Sensory-Motor Control Through Sequence and Subsequence Learning 22
The Insect Mushroom Bodies: a Paradigm of Neural Reuse 22
SARSA-based reinforcement learning for motion planning in Serial Manipulators 22
Speed Control on a Hexapodal Robot Driven by a CNN-CPG Structure 22
Embedding the AnaFocus' Eye-RIS vision system in roving robots to enhance the action-oriented perception 22
Fly-inspired sensory feedback in a reaction-diffusion neural system for locomotion control in a hexapod robot 21
A new bio-inspired perceptual control architecture applied to solve navigation tasks 21
Structural and input reduction in a ESN for robotic navigation tasks 21
A nullcline-based control strategy for PWL-shaped oscillators 21
Soft Sensor Transferability between Lines of a Sulfur Recovery Unit 21
Spike-timing-dependent plasticity in spiking neuron networks for robot navigation control 20
Motor learning and body size within an insect brain computational model 20
CPG-based locomotion generation in a Drosophila inspired legged robot 19
Insect-Inspired Body Size Learning Model on a Humanoid Robot 19
A cricket-inspired neural network for FeedForward compensation and multisensory integration 19
Insect inspired unsupervised learning for tactic and phobic behavior enhancement in a hybrid robot 19
Perception-based navigation through weak chaos control 18
Implementation of a CNN-based perceptual framework on a roving robot 18
Towards autonomous adaptive behavior in a bio-inspired CNN-controlled robot 18
Environmentally induced task partitioning in competing bio-robots 17
An insect brain computational model inspired by Drosophila melanogaster: architecture description 17
Learning spatio-temporal behavioural sequences 17
Robotic platforms and experiments 17
Thermal Dynamics for Characterizing Nonlinear Circuit Behavior 17
Visual homing: Experimental results on an autonomous robot 16
Perceptive patterns for mobile robots via RD-CNN and reinforcement learning 16
Learning traversability map of different robotic platforms for unstructured terrains path planning 16
Assessment of navigation capabilities of Mini Cheetah robot for monitoring of landslide terrains 16
CPG for motor control 15
A software framework for the generation of dynamic vulnerability maps for risk assessment 15
Emergence of Diversity in a Group of Identical Bio-Robots 14
Learning anticipation via spiking networks: Application to navigation control 14
Modelling the insect Mushroom Bodies: Application to sequence learning 14
Perception for action in roving robots: A dynamical system approach 14
Spatio-temporal patterns in CNNs for classification: The winnerless competition principle 14
A new simulation tool for action-oriented perception systems 14
A looming detector for collision avoidance 14
CPG-MTA implementation for locomotion control 14
Turing patterns in RD-CNNS for the emergence of perceptual states in roving robots 13
Turing patterns in cellular non linear networks: Emergent dynamics in an action-oriented perception framework 13
Spiking neural controllers in multi-agent competitive systems for adaptive targeted motor learning 13
Integrating high-level sensor features via STDP for bio-inspired navigation 13
An insect brain inspired neural model for object representation and expectation 13
Design of a robot photovoltaic power supply system 13
Soft sensor transferability: A survey 13
A spiking network for spatial memory formation: Towards a fly-inspired ellipsoid body model 13
A bio- inspired locomotion control approach through synchronization of embodied neural oscillators 13
An insect-inspired bionic sensor for tactile localization and material classification with state-dependent modulation 12
A computational model for motor learning in insects 12
A CNN-based neuromorphic model for classification and decision control 12
Weak chaos control for action-oriented perception: Real time implementation via FPGA 12
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